Tuesday, April 17, 2012

small moments of service

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The other day Rowdy told me that he helped an old lady pump her gas and gave me the down-low of how weary she was of him at first --but that she then accepted his offer.  It made me swoon.  And if you don't know what swooning entails I can give you the down-low later because this blog is PG (most of the time).  There is just something about knowing when your Man does a random act of kindness.  It is heart-warming to say the least.  Don't you just KNOW that had to have made her day?

I honestly don't feel like I do a lot of serving compared to what I used to.  As a youth I served served served because it was just drilled into me and I was given so many opportunities in my church.  But as I have gotten older my time has been limited and I have felt that from the very beginning my family comes first.  I serve them FIRST--and then if I am able I can move towards serving others. 

So I know these moments of random acts of kindness of service may not seem like a big deal.  But they ARE a big deal because I feel like they are the only moments I have.  

And for now...I pray that they are enough. 


Sue said...

Random act of kindness are definitely attractive in a male.


Stef said...

I hear ya. I wish I could get out and serve others more. But we do...in our own way with our children and their friends. Our time will come.

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