Monday, May 21, 2012

I think I'm pretty darn funny and a bra story

About a week ago I finally got up the courage to submit an entry into the pretty darn funny contest.  I have known about it for months...but I do NOT do well on camera.  Can you believe I studied to be an actress in school?  I was good on stage--really good--but on camera...not so much.  AND I am way funnier in person once you get past my Valley Girl-Pennsyvania Dutch-Wierd Accent that came from being raised in PA, NM, UT, OK and back to PA.  And well, this story is hilarious...I think. Some of you have already heard it because I wrote about it here.

Unfortunately, I didn't tell it very well and I mentioned the word SEXY at least 4 times (I was nervous and I really don't think I am all that, I promise.)  But maybe that is why my entry has not been accepted into the contest?  Am I too RACY? I put my entry in, and they don't accept any after May 31st and it hasn't shown up yet (or do I just not see it in the entries?) that is very little time for anyone to vote.  And I think mine is the best.  Well, beside the "don't tell the health department" one. But I HAVE to think mine is the best.  Gotta put those good vibes out there, ya know?

So since apparently SEXY has not earned me a place in the race, I am willing to give you a laugh here.  I'm cool like that.  Darn it though-- I totally deserve to win that cruise, right?


Sue said...



PS. Apparently, you can't win for losing on the sexy bra scene...

Lisa S said...


Jenny P. said...

Oh that is funny. I like my nursing bras cause they are bigger than my regular bras... because when I'm nursing I actually have something to put in them. My non nursing bras? Not so much.

Lisalulu said...

actually something to learn from that!!! Never Throw anything away!!! haha, funny lady you are

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