Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NOW Is An Adventure

I have been so anxious.  Apartment living is less than ideal for me and my family and I dream daily of having a house again.  To decorate and have space and have a backyard.  It seems so close...and yet so far. Pinterest has become a sore spot for me...viewing all the pretty houses/interiors.  But they all appear perfect, and my style is not... so perhaps they are not an inspiration for me at all. It doesn't make me want them any less, though.

Then I read THIS and I was blown away at how I felt changed in that very moment. To be present in life regardless if you are residing in your dream house or not is a lesson I need to learn. Instead, it's important to appreciate and love your current situation and see the good NOW.

So!  On Friday night after I got off work I ran to get the kids and take them on a walk.  We live in a downtown area and we drive thru it daily.  I have been in many stores/shops but it has been awhile...and I rarely walk to them.  So we took off on our adventure and here is what we found right where we ARE:

*A popcorn store!  We tried at least 8 flavors and settled on buying the salted chocolate caramel. Hardly settling because it was delicious, let me assure you.

*Then we hit up a local antique store that appeared to be more than antiques (aka quite a bit of random junk).  She was closing up but let us in and took the kids to a random rack and let them pick whatever junk item for FREE.  A bundle of lavender and a lightening-bolt-pin later I can't wait to do some real exploring in there next time.

*A piano!  In the middle of an old gas station parking lot.  Water damaged and left for ruin--we played it in it's deserted state and laughed at the out of tune/broken keys. 

*A used bookstore.  Why have I never seen this before?  I drive by that street daily.  I couldn't leave without an ornately covered Jane Austen (7 books in 1).  The cover was enough for me to buy it.  But add every love story ever written by my favorite author?  Yes, please!

The point is... be happy where you are.  Make it an adventure. Because it is.


Sue said...

I agree completely. And I liked your friend's post, too.


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

How fun to find an old piano! My brother said there were pianos everywhere outside in NYC when he lived there. They were there for people to just sit and play.

Amy said...

This is the coolest! What a great little way to celebrate life and spontaneity.
You should be a columnist. This needs to be in a magazine.

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