Thursday, May 24, 2012


+sometimes my dreams mix work and home.  i like to make them separate in real life, but in my dreams i have no control over what happens.  last night i dreamed that my boss made a surprise visit and walked into my office where a pile of clean unfolded laundry was thrown on a table.  she scooped them up and put them in a corner so no one else who walked in would see them since that would be unprofessional.  i felt such guilt in that moment--knowing that my labor to multi-task was not working. funny how these thoughts process in my brain... 

+i am eating eggs.  i am not a huge egg eater and they always seemed to make me sick before...but lately i have been needing that pack of protein to start off my day and so every morning i eat eggs.  my favorite way is 1/2 cup cooked quinoa, 1 scrambled egg/egg white, fresh thyme and a tiny bit of soft goat cheese melted in.  then today i did the same amount of eggs, a handful of spinach, homemade salsa and that goat cheese again. who knew i could like eggs?

+I totally did this homemade pore strip the other night.  it is awesome and works. just make sure it is thick enough because i spread it too thin in some places and it was like cracked glue to get off my face.  it needs to be able to peel off.

+planning a red-white-blue ice cream baby shower this summer.  i'm having a hard time figuring out my exact approach.  vintage? balloon contemporary? not sure. i think i should probably simplify my thoughts.

+totally doing an 80's bowling night with some girlfriends.  i loathe the 80's, but i am in the mood for some crimped hair and blue eyeshadow! anyone know how to crimp with a flat iron?  i hate to buy one for just one night.

+still eating sugar only 1x a week--but this chocolate chip cookie pie with ice cream has my mouth watering and i hope i can hold out today. 

+have a beautiful weekend!  memorial day plans, anyone?


Sue said...

Going to my mom's in Palm Desert and meeting my whole family there.


likeschocolate said...

I sadly have to admit that I had crimped hair in the 80's. So sad! Don't know what I was thinking. Quinoa and eggs sounds good though no one in my family would eat it but me.

Stef said...

I lived the 80's. They weren't so bad. Ha

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