Monday, July 23, 2012

We're awesome parents


Somebody seriously needs to write a book about our awesome parenting skills. But maybe not.  I don't think I could handle a book tour and the undoubtedly over-scheduled speaking arrangements.

-Brianna has become obsessed with a certain singer named Adele.  Rowdy and I are SICK.OF.IT.  We did the right thing and told her that she was obsessed and to quit it and that we're going to take away every bit of contact with the outside world if she doesn't.  She locked herself in the bathroom for an hour after that and we said whatev.  I'm pretty sure she was thinking about what acts of kindness she can do for her parents as a thanks for watching out for her.

-Kai threw the biggest temper tantrum of all time and stomped his foot so hard on the floor that we think he might have broken it.  Every time he hobbles around in pain, Rowdy and I can't help but smile smugly to ourselves and think, "that'll teach him!"(update...I actually think we might have to get an x-ray...poor little guy.)

I know right?  I might be up for giving a Parenting Class at the local YMCA if demand is high enough.  Otherwise, an online 12 step program for taking everything away from your children and applying an adolescent form of nunnery is in the works.


Debby said...

Sorry to laugh at your expense. Been there, done that. Sometimes parenting stinks but you have to take a stand. Just pat yourself on the back and know that you are a good parent.

Amy said...

I'm sorry to be so amused by this too.

For the record? I really do think you guys are awesome parents. Sometimes kids are just weird.
And look on the bright side: at least it isn't Justin Beiber. Or even better, Miley Cyrus.

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