Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Moving forward

I feel like I am moving forward.  This is such a welcome change versus feeling like I am stuck or worse yet--moving backward in my life.  It's a good feeling and I am thankful to relish in this moment.

I have lost 18 pounds.  In 1 month.  That's insane.  I don't feel like I look very different and I still have a way to go--but I am getting there.  I have completely eliminated sugar (including fruit) and gluten/any heavy carbs like potatoes and rice, etc. I fill my days with only lean proteins and veggies. Is this difficult during the holidays?  Is it hard to do in general? Uhm...ya.  I am still going to have Thanksgiving and Christmas and our vacation to Florida will have a few imperfect days(oh my gosh I can't wait for Chick-Fil-A!). It bothers me that I probably won't lose anything those weeks.  And it makes me worry about how gross my body is going to feel when I do consume those normally off limit items and if it is worth it.  However, the beauty of it all is that I am now CHOOSY.  I choose what is worth eating or not knowing how I feel without certain foods (which is fantastic)...and it is a great feeling.  The plan that I am following is called Isagenix--and it is seriously fabulous if any of ya'll are interested in more info. Good nutrition. No gimmicks (which I loathe), and good results for both the mind and body.  Win-Win-Win.

I have a hard time writing about weight loss stuff.  For me there is a fine balance between bragging and feeling good about yourself and being motivated to continue on a healthy path without setting yourself up for failure.  But I guess what I want to write--what I really want to say--is that a change has been made in my life that is so beyond the scale.  I feel in control, and I never feel in control.  So the path I have chosen to take that has miraculously made that happen...I am grateful for.  And I really do like sharing that:)
In this moment--this forward motion that is happening--I feel thankful and encouraged by the goodness in my life and the changes that have happened...and knowing more will come! 

I knew I could.


likeschocolate said...

Way to go! Glad you are feeling fantastic!

John said...

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Lisa S said...

Fantastic!!! Good for you!!!! I would say don't have those normally off limit foods if you think you will feel bad after eating them. I would not say it is worth it....Show your power over the fork...

Jen O said...

Great! I think it's totally OK to toot your own horn. You should after accomplishing something big. I like the control feels good to be aware and to make conscious decisions. Keep it up, sexy!

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