Sunday, December 2, 2012

Guess What?


+The kids bathroom is clean!  (Although mine has yet to have that happen)

+Blogger is saying I have to pay to put more pictures on my blog.  Is that for realz and is there a way to get around that? 
+My Christmas Cards are addressed and ready to be mailed tomorrow!

+Kai's Birthday Party for the day after we return from Florida is all planned and READY! 

+I found a rental car for $60 cheaper than budgeted!
+All my photo sessions this Fall are completed and edited! (Minus the ones in Florida that are scheduled)

+The baked goods "packaging" is all planned and purchased and ready to be filled with Christmas treats!

+I discovered that I am TOO OLD to walk into stores like "Hot Topic" and I am okay with that!

+Kids with monkey hats are the cutest!


Amy said...

Super woman! I'm glad you're doing so good. This post made me happy.

Love the sock monkey hat. Too cute!

heather said...

Blogger did the same thing to me too. I'm trying to see if deleting picasa pics works. ? I hear its like $6 to add storage. So?

How did you girl's audition go??

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