Monday, January 14, 2013

High School and a Test

(Did you know I went to FOUR high schools?  Just call me a traveling gypsy.)

I was a well-behaved teenager.  Mostly.  I didn't drink or smoke or go partying other than a midnight run to Wal-Mart with some serious soda in hand.  I was religious and morally sound so that made for what some might call a boring life in High School.  I beg to differ.  I was NOT boring.  I mean, does the above picture of me look boring?  Wanna see how un-boring I was? 

Guess which situation was for realz! 

Multiple Choice!  Winner gets a chicken dinner!  The correct answer will be given at the end of this post on Tuesday.

A. My brother and I were roaming Wal-Mart at 1am when we noticed a tent sitting there on display.  We grabbed some pillows and sleeping bags and hung out in it for a few hours.  A few weeks later we grabbed some bean bag chairs and watched an entire movie on one of the TV's playing in the aisle.  Then we put M&M's on lay-away.

B. My friend Tori and I were freezing our bums off at a track meet that we were helping out with at the stadium in Perry, Oklahoma.  Knowing that our Driver's Ed coach was there and that he always leaves the Driver's Ed car unlocked, we went to sit inside it to warm up.  We then wanted to listen to some music so we took the key that is always in the visor and turned the car on.  And an act of pure insanity...decided to drive it to McDonald's for some ice cream and then back again. No one ever knew.

C. I skipped school almost every Friday of my Senior year in high school, never got in trouble, and got straight A's.  I was also told that I wrote too "smart" in my AP English class and to "dumb it down" a little. 

D. I went to 5 Proms all the while proclaiming that Prom's are only so girls can show-off to one another in their dressy garb and that I was so above that drama.  In my defense, I just had a lot of outward prettiness to share and who am I to deny the pleasure of those wanting to look at me?

E. I snuck out of the house late at night with some friends to go prank all the football player's cars who were at an away game.  We put vaseline underneath their car handles and when they got back I was so embarrassed that I told them the Freshmen did it and I was there to help with clean-up.

F. One day my friends and I put on our pajamas and ran out into a field to do a photo shoot with cows.  The cows loved it, I am sure.  Our feet?  Not so much.  

Guess! Guess! Guess!

Update:  The answer is I did ALL OF THEM!


Amy said...

You're hilarious. What a fun post! I'll have to copy this one. Make it a blog-hop or something.

Guess the real one? Hmm. I'm going to guess the wal-mart one in tents.

Sara said...

I'm going to guess ALL of them.

Sue said...



Carrot Jello said...

All of them.

linda brown clark said...

That is only a few but Carrie had her mind ready for fun!!! One of my many favorites was her cemetary flowers!!! Carrie is Awesome!!!!!

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