Thursday, February 7, 2013

Raw Milk + A Chocolate Class + Other Ramblings

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Oh my gosh I have so much to say and I don't even know where to begin. So, I'm gonna do the usual and highlight my amazing thoughts one at a time, k?

+ Did you know I am passionate about RAW Milk?  I've been passionate for a few years now, but this week was the first time I actually tried it.  It's not at my local grocery store, so I have to travel to pick it up and it's never been convenient or worth the trip.  I have considered doing a co-op thing with farms who have drop-off locations, but before I attempted that I decided I needed to drink the stuff.  It's amazing.  Pure nutrition--not pasteurized which kills all the good stuff--and it tastes great.'s $10 a gallon.  Can I justify such a huge purchase?  You may be shocked to hear ABSOLUTELY.  Just wishing our cows weren't so snobby here in Washington because apparently it's cheaper living in other states. 

+ I missed Nutella Day on February 5th.  It was a TRAGEDY.  But, kiddos were sick and I'm still juggling this whole Rowdy's new job thing and I just plain missed it.  Brianna asked me yesterday, "so when is Nutella Day, Mom?"  She about died with horror when I told her we missed it.  Poor girl--gonna have to make it up to my family somehow!

+ Apparently our two boy geckos are really a boy and a girl gecko.  Last night we found that Kiwi laid an egg put there by no other than the sleazy Tang who would always bite (the now her).  I was am totally grossed out by this.  

+ Rowdy is going to New Orleans for a business trip in a few weeks.  WHAT THE NOT FAIR?!  I have no idea how he managed to weasel his way into going but not only do I have to handle this exhausting life completely by myself for an entire week, I'm gonna have to hear about amazing food and fun that I can't partake in.  ((SIGH))  I love New Orleans.  

+ I am wanting to get a group together for a chocolate dipping class.  10 or more people and we get a 10% discount on the price--so any takers local in the Seattle area?  Email me!


Amy said...

I wish I could get raw milk. Too much money!

And a chocolate dipping party????

likeschocolate said...

What is a dipping party?

likeschocolate said...

What is a dipping party?

Amy said...

I just don't like milk. But my daughter loves it. We get our milk from a local dairy, and I have to tell you, your cows are seriously cheating you. Our milk (raw or not) is a dollar more than the grocery store stuff.
Sorry about New Orleans. There is no way you can wrangle your way into going with him?!

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