Monday, January 12, 2009

Drama child?

I was editing some photos today when Brianna came in and began showing me all the books she wanted off of her scholastic book form from school. It's a ritual: she circles what she wants by herself and then we go over it together. Then I tell what she cannot have and she promptly places an X over that item. Then I go over it myself and usually get something completely different. In 2 months when she receives the books at school, she doesn't even remember! Yes, I DO realize I can probably only get away with this for another year or so....

Back to my story...
Today she circled a journal with a lock and a dog on the cover. Our conversation went like this:

Me: "No journals. You already have one."
Bri: "But I don't have a dog journal and I need it."
Me: "You don't need it."
Bri: "Yes I do! I don't have one with a dog on the cover and a lock and I need it so bad!"
Me: "Why do you need a lock?"
Bri: "Kai might get into it!!!!!!"
Me: "Kai can't read."
Bri: "Maybe he can and he just doesn't tell anyone!!!!!!"
Me: (snicker) "Uhmm..ya. Well, regardless, I only said books, so no to the dog journal."
Bri: (tear drops falling on the book form) "But I have always wanted a dog journal for 100 years and you never let me have anything!"
Me: (head turned away so she doesn't see me smile) "What if you asked for your birthday?" (my favorite answer to anything that my kids want)
Bri: "That will be forever!!!!!!!!! I just can't live without my dog journal!!!!!!"
Me: (seriously laughing so hard inside I can't control myself) "Okay. Wow. Uhmmm.. Why don't you go ask your daddy?" (I love this answer because he will also say no and I am left blameless.)

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the drama ....I seriously don't know where she gets it:)


Helene said...

This post was funny!!! My daughter is already a little drama queen and I can totally see myself having a similar conversation with her in the next couple of years!!

Found your blog through BSU!! Love it!!!

Lulucarrot said...

were you editing my photos:)?

theamazingjohnsons said...

Whoa, that was intense!

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