Monday, January 19, 2009

Mexican Vanilla es fantastico!

I once knew a girl who refused to try baking with Mexican vanilla simply because her mother-in-law told her to. Then one day I realized --oh wait--I mean she realized---what a stupid reason that was and decided to try it herself. And she never went back and now I will not use any other vanilla except La Vencedora Vanilla --I mean she will not use any other vanilla--oh goshdarnit fine--it was ME with the stupid attitude. You happy now?

Anyways, this vanilla is the cream of the crop and you cannot say that you are a baker without it. In fact, it will make you a baker. Yes. Believe me. And no, the insanely high alcohol content has absuloutely nothing to do with it. I get mine through ebay because unfortunately I don't live close enough to the border.

I don't even measure the stuff. I just pour it in. I pour it into my cookie dough. I pour it into my banana bread. I pour and splash and then pour some more into my homemade ice cream. Yes. It is THAT good. Try it my friends. And then send me all your baked goods in thanks and gratitude. You owe me that much.


B said...

It is the best ever isn't it? And I've done something similar, once or twice, or not me, but someone I know too. I think it's just the daughter in law in us (them).

Snelders said...

So I have to tell you this story about Mexican vanilla. I once worked with a guy whose wife called him one day in a panic. They had taken a trip to Mexico and bought a big container of vanilla (because it was so cheap). The day that the wife called, she had just used the last of the vanilla only to find the skeletal remains of a mouse at the bottom!!TRUE STORY! I was working the day the wife called so I know this was not made up. Anyway, when we went to Cancun last spring, I still bought some vanilla, so don't let this story affect how you use your vanilla. I just thought I'd share :)

Sara said...

When I was little girl around 8 or so, my parents took all of us to Mexico. My mom bought two bottles of vanilla down there. To this day, I still remember how good it tasted. Now I need to find some. I'm going to make home made ice cream first on my list... .:)

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