Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Craft

So I made this pillowcase with pictures of all my MIL's grandchildren. Crazy easy, and I am pleased with how it turned out! If you are in need of a last minute idea, this is the one!

It was a simple iron-on transfer. I used cotton fabric, and on the t-shirt printer setting it reversed the picture for me and then printed it out. I ironed the pictures on the cut 20x20 fabric for an 18x18 pillow insert($7 at walmart). For a tight fit, you could go 18 1/2 to allow for seams, but I wanted to make sure I had wiggle room.

For the back I used an overlap method with 2 fabrics sizes 20x16 and 20x8 to allow for a 2 inch overlap. I sewed 1 raw edge over on each and then pinned the pieces overlapping together to make 1 piece. With right sides together, I sewed the 2 new pillow pieces together and YAY!

*You could do this on a pre-bought pillow case as well. Just make sure you check what type of fabric is needed for your iron-on transfer paper. Usually cotton and cotton/polly blends are required.

Happy Mother's Day!


Kelly P said...

Cute, Carrie! What a neat idea.

mama brown said...

Remember when we did this with all of the grand childrens handprints and drawings on a blanket for your grandfather! I like your picture idea best though!!

Sarah said...

You are always amazing. it came out great! Thanks for the idea :)

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