Thursday, July 9, 2009

Memories with Dad

I have a lot of memories with you Dad, but very few are more tangible than these:

My rock collection. I will always treasure it. I am thrilled beyond words that you also made one for Brianna (at my prodding), and that she treasures it as much as I do. I only wish she had those moments..those hours of talking about each rock and where it came from and the scientific nitty gritty... that I did with you.

rock collection
rock names
carrie brown
it says: Carrie Brown

And your AM/FM radio. Did you know I stole it from you? I only kept it to take a picture, so now I can send it back. Those knobs that I would turn over and over until it *clicked*. That duct tape holding it together. Sometimes in my mind, even now, I can hear the static.

dad's old radio
I just found out that it was purchased in 1972 at Keesler Airforce Base at a friend's prodding to pay extra and get the good one!
dad's radio nobs
dad's radio with duct tape

my eyes are just tearing up looking at these. I love you, Dad.


Annette W. said...

Memories are special...because of the people that make them special.

Aimee said...


Dads are cool.

Jen O said...

I'm amazed your rock collection has stayed with you all these years and made it through lots of moves. I love that the labels are "official" looking and typed on the typewriter. Daddys (sp? is the plural of daddy daddies?) are special for sure.

matt and michelle ray said...

Hi Carrie! Just wanted to give you a heads up, I "borrowed" some picture ideas from your photo blog, but definitely want to give you the props, so I linked my post to your photo blog - hope that was okay, if not please let me know! I love your photog talents!

Sunshine Promises said...

I remember meeting your Dad for the first time when they came to "SVC". He seemed like such a humble, kind man. I know he loved you Carrie and I am glad you carry such fond memories with him in your heart. I know he is so proud of you.

gkgirl said...

i love that rock collection...
love, love, love it...

and memories...

Stephanie Pilling said...

These pictures are as priceless as the memories! It made me want to take some pictures of our family memorabilia too. What a great way to immortalize things!

sarah said...

I LOVED this! Oh, man, I am so glad I am a follower... ;)
Did I mention that I love the look of your blog, too?
It makes me happy, it's cheerful and peaceful all in one. Is that possible?

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