Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was telling a blog friend last night about my new conviction to have dinner before dessert. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

We live in a world where dessert comes first. New homes, new cars, new clothes, new furniture; things thing things. All before dinner. Before we are ready. Before we can afford it.
It's so true, isn't it? I LOVE dessert before dinner. How often have I said, "It's just ONE cookie. It won't hurt my appetite." But that's not really true, is it? It does make me feel like I don't want dinner anymore.

I like nice things. Even if I buy it at a thrift store (and I am a good thrift store shopper). Even if I got it on sale. Even if I can afford it right now. I'm still buying it.
However, this past year I have become obsessed with Dave Ramsey and his baby step method to become debt free. It's a new plan, people!
That is why I am working right now. OUR PLAN for the next year:

We sacrifice = I work = we use my ENTIRE income to pay off debt (medical bills, credit, student loans, cars) = no unnecessary bills = financial freedom.

It's a hard plan. Really hard. Did I mention how hard it is? But it's having our dinner first.

So guess what's happening in my neck of the woods right now? Tiny apartment living. Lack of space. Lack. of. period.

And it's okay.

Although we've had to get inventive.

I am typing right now in our adorable Harry Potter closet. Hubby was BRILLIANT and realized that our closet underneath the stairs would be the perfect office. And it is.

My canned goods are stored under a hallway sink. My cookbooks are crammed into every inch of space above our fridge. We bought a not-as-nice-as-we-are-used-to couch because it was a wiser purchase. I still don't have dining room chairs. I still don't have a dresser for my clothes. I don't have a lot of things that I want. But.... baby steps.

And frankly, although it is not the sweetest meal, I am enjoying dinner.

And dessert will be that much better for it.


Kristie said...

amen sister!
-and, good girl. :)

Stephanie Pilling said...

amen, amen! this sounds so much like my life right now! sometimes i feel like its not much fun but i know it is better.

Jackie said...

I am totally anti-debt!
DINNER first!

Mo said...

I totally feel your small living space pain. (We can't all live in big fat houses like Jackie!!)
Our condo has way less storage than our apartment did, and no garage so we had to get very creative too. Lilah's crib is in our room cause the second bedroom is just way too small. Not ideal, but whatever works right?

Great post!

Sarah said...

so good, Carrie! Delayed gratification - it's hard, but so much better. Can't wait to see your Harry Potter closet someday soon :)

Tara said...

Great Post! I love Dave Ramsey!! Its hard but it will be WAY worth it in the end!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Carrie! We LOVE Dave Ramsey and are working hard at his plan too! It's so doable and will be very worth it on the flip side! Keep it going, you guys can do it!

Melinda said...

Amen, sistuh! I just LOVE budgeting! I really LOVE the freedom! And I'm okay with down-sizing and putting the most important things in place and leaving the rest . . . well, wherever people can find it who can use it. I'm also the type that REFUSES to buy anything at regular price. Okay, most things I won't buy at regular price. I can't tell you the last time I spent the full amount for any articles of clothing. And it's nice sometimes to NOT be caught up on the things that just fill time, thought, space, and create distractions. Like dessert from filling foods, eh? I LOVE this analogy! You're AWESOME!!!

gkgirl said...

this is inspiring...
and i'm going to check that website out that you mentioned about the baby steps...we could use some of that right now...

money sucks.
lack of money sucks more.


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