Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tar-get (say it with a French accent , please)

Target. I love this store. Like, love it more than I should ever love a place where I spend money. I love it even more than anthropologie (is that even possible?) Sometimes I ban myself from going because of too much temptation. But there are some must-have items in my life that bring me joy as I experience their use every day, so I thought I would bring temptation your way, too!

For Cleaning:
everything is safe for the environment and you
Method Bathroom Cleaners - an invigorating minty scent

Method Wood Cleaner - almond scent. absolutely delish.

Method Hand Wash - grapefruit fragrance, please.

Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner - Lavender. I could drink this stuff. I use it to mop and then I put it in a spray bottle for my counter tops. It lasts forever because you dilute it.

For me, myself, and I:Method Olive Leaf Body Wash - Holy cow this makes me happy. Very mild scent, but skin is oh so soft.
Sonia Kashuk - I am particularly fond of her eyeshadow and make-up brushes.Real Simple Organizing Products - I've said it before, my these goodies make my heart swoon. Modern in color, yet very efficient in design. I think I have everything. Embarrassingly enough, after recently unpacking, I found 2 address books and 2 planners that I must have bought at different times the last few years. Same rock'n color though. I must have good taste.

(you can get these next two products elsewhere.. but why go elsewhere?)
Aveeno Smooth Shave Gel - really smooth shave and I love the lack of irritation
Aveeno Daily Scrub - love the micro-beads and such a gentle face cleanser

For my Kiddos:
One day, if another babe shows up in our home I'll be using Mrs. Meyers Baby Blossom

I know there are other things.. but that's it for now, folks!


Mary Seals said...

wahhhahhh! booo hoooo!! ::::sob:::: ::::sniff:::: Target. Target, I love you!!

Mary Seals said...

I'm still crying. I miss you Target!! I haven't forgotten you!!

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