Wednesday, April 7, 2010


As a mother, I have the high hopes that my son will grow up to date and marry a trendy, cool, vibrant, wholesome young lady (much like myself, wink wink.) I do not consider myself judgmental, but there are some women that I would prefer my son not to date for various reasons. Do I really need to go into those reasons? Ya. Let's not. Ick. I sound judgmental.

This morning we had on the cartoon living scriptures "parable of the two sons." As I was doing the dishes the part when the foolish son began spending all of his inheritance on bad things came on. I began hearing the jingling, which was the harlot lady dancing (NOT my favorite part for uhm.. above reasons), and then with great conviction and heartfelt vigor my son acclaimed, "She's BEAUTIFUL!"

oh boy.





Evelyn said...

LOL! How are we ever supposed to teach our children what's right and wrong when those dang Mormon videos do the opposite. ;)

Stephanie Pilling said...


heather said...

I came over to thank you for your comment on MMB. Thanks for saying what I wanted to say in response to one of the comments posted after mine.

Also, this post cracks me up!

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