Tuesday, July 27, 2010

10 days to 10 years {Day 1}

Rowdy and I
10 years together on August 5th 
Let's celebrate with how it all began
A story told in 10 days

I saw him in the hallway.  He was cute.  Girl's gathered all around.  Brand spank'n new Returned Missionary at a very small college

We said hello. Eyed each other up and down. 
And I moved on.
I was taken by a boy who lived all the way across the country, after all.

A few days after the semester started I was sitting on a couch in the foyer talking to some friends.  Everyone seemed to leave, but I stayed engrossed in my book.  He sat alone in the next room over with guitar in hand.  I noticed him.  But remember, engrossed in my book;)

Suddenly he said, "I'm Aaron...what's your name again?

"Carrie," I said.
He said "Carrie"
I hesitated, "Aaron"
He said, "Carrie"
I said, "Aaron"
*The back and forth was awkward and funny at the same time*
He said, "Now you won't forget my name."

He was right. 

After a few questions on my reading material he said, "Come on over.  I need a friend."  I literally hopped on over to his couch.  I was everyone's friend.  Of course.

I was so very cute in my torn jeans, cream and orange retro sweater, and orange hat which I will always be famous for.  He wore some tan cords and a cream thermal-type shirt.  With his guitar and really big grin, he was nothing short of suave. 

We began to "jam".  We both sang while he played.  Just a friendly encounter, because doesn't everyone "jam" in college?  It was so friendly-cool. We were so hip singing and playing and looking all trendy in our cute outfits and dazzling smiles. The only thing that would have upped the experience would be if I was also a baton twirler.  Darn my quiting in 8th grade.

I was impressed with his playing and then quickly found out that he couldn't read music and instead did it all by ear.  A couple guitar lessons when he was a teenager and that was it.  I was floored.  Not only was he way-cute, but also naturally talented.  Nice mix.

Enter more singing and playing and hip-ness and lack-of baton twirling.

Then class got out.  Floods of girls entered.  They noticed him immediately and they all sat down listening to his natural guitar playing talent.

So I left.

Let's get something straight.  I wasn't ONE of the girls, you know.  Plus, I was taken, remember?

Rowdy (left) and his friend Nick early '00.

to be continued...


Annette W. said...

Very cool. I wouldn't want to be ONE of THOSE girls either!

I enjoyed reading...

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ooh ooh! I'm so excited! I LOVE reading love stories!
Although I am already jealous. I could not tell you the first time I met my husband. I don't remember. He obviously left an impression... or not. LOL!

Sunshine Promises said...

I love reliving this story! I WAS THERE and saw the whole thing (exept for the private moments) firsthand! I can't wait to hear you retell it.

And I - for the record - was NOT one of those girls.

Melinda said...

Hahahahaha! I cannot wait to see the story unfold - you should get his viewpoint on it all as well -- like ask him to write about "blah-blah-blah" without letting him read YOUR rendition of it until after HE writes about it!

And, p.s. -- this is the story of a miracle! ANY relationship that takes root at AND comes to fruition at SVU is a pure. miracle! :-)

Jennifer Ricker said...

but what were you singing?

Carrie said...

clear throat..ahem...cough....church..uhm...clear throat...songs.

Liz said...

love it. you are such a good writer.

Unknown said...

OH MY! You remember what you were wearing! AMAZING!

Jennifer Ricker said...

sure...i believe you. but why is a picture of nick in this post? is it because things could have gone the other way?! was that from their mission days? weren't they in adjoining missions, not the same one? we would have welcomed you into the family, but things seem to have turned out pretty well like they did:)

Carrie said...

haha! I actually met Nick before Aaron-when he and Josiah came to check out the college in fall '99. The next semester I met and started dating Aaron--and then his friends came up for a visit (when this picture was taken of him and Nick.) I was super nervous to meet them and when I came down we were all like, "Hey! I know you!"

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