Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 days to 10 years {Day 2}

A few days later I ran down the steps only to see him surrounded by another crowd of girls.  Oh!...that poor poor RM status was certainly hurting him. However, he looked up immediately when he saw me coming down and said, "Carrie!" and then attempted to get my attention.  I said "Hi" and pushed my way through the crowd and walked away.  He was obviously busy. I was super busy myself.  I was contemplating taking up baton twirling again.

That evening he approached me once again in the hallway. 

He said, "Hey!  I tried to talk to you today...why did you rush off?"

"Oh..ya..well...I had to be somewhere super important."

"Okay...whatever... hey, btw, do you have a boyfriend?"

"As a matter of fact I do."

"Is he here at school?"


"Is he here near by?"

"Well no...uhmm...he's at BYU (across the country.)"

"Well then, I guess he's not a problem."

Cue hanging mouth open while stunned at his candor.

Quickly...very quickly...I walked off.  BOY was this guy confident. And geez louise I didn't know what to think about him.  Seriously cute, but I was taken and busy and needed to go check out a book on baton twirling.

The next night a slew of my friends and acquaintances gathered in the main foyer.  I sat myself down and began studying my lines for a play I was recently casted in.  I was beyond excited to play the lead role of NORA in A Doll's House by Henrick Ibsen, but I was exhausted from the demand of time it required.  Finally, I closed my script and hit the floor.  Rowdy and another boy who I secretly had a crush on (even though I was basically engaged to another) began to chat with me about "what I want in a guy."

Now, I know you won't believe me...but I had NO IDEA that this was some sort of blatant flirtatious experience.  I really just thought they were asking.  In a really friendly way.  About what the requirements of my future husband would be.  TOTALLY friendly. 

After this light and airy encounter of "he has to be musically gifted and love Wal-mart midnight escapades," my friend Erin and I went back upstairs to her dorm room.  She said, "do you even REALIZE how hard they were flirting with you?"


I mean, I knew Rowdy was hitting on me pretty hard.  But he must have totally gotten my hint of non-availability by now.  I was sure of it.

(I didn't even know this gal was taking a picture.  I was a dreamer.)

to be continued...


Pasion Family said...

This is hilarious- Boy, I am going to enjoy reading these posts... Congrats on (OMG) of 10 YEARS. 2 years left for us to hit that grand landmark!

Sunshine Promises said...

Okay, I'm trying to figure out who you are talking about here! Is the boyfriend at BYU that Eric guy (was that his name?) that you dated your first year at SVC? And who was the OTHER guy that you secretly had a crush on? And I thought I knew all the details!!! Do TELL, DO TELL!

Carrie said...

Haha! BYU boyfriend was a high school flame re-united at Christmas. Secret crush was Decker;)

Sunshine Promises said...

DECKER!?! Decker Smith!?! BAHAHAHAH!!!

Carrie said...

oh, I know! It was only a teeny tiny crush. But looking back it must have been mutual because why else would he drill me on what I want in a guy? Give me a little break, please;)haha!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Dang woman! Your killin' me here! Hurry up and finish the story already! I'm Totally addicted! :D

Can't wait to find out what happens! Well, I mean I KNOW what happens... obviously. I guess I should say, HOW it happens!

Melinda said...

That picture is so awesome!!! How often do we really get pictures of ourselves just being . . . US?!?!?!

And I also think it's HILARIOUS that you liked Decker!!! ;-D And he drilled you because of Rowdy!!! Girls do stuff like that all the time, right? Find out things about the guy their girlfriend has a crush on, create opportunities for them to "happen" to be in the same room/having a conversation when ONE of them is totally intimidated by her feelings and can't make it happen on her own. I'm convinced that guys do it, too! CONVINCED, though my husband would say, "NO WAY!!!" Hahahahahaha -- okay, you're right, he liked you too -- maybe that pushed Rowdy to work even harder!!! ;-D A little competition on BOTH sides of the U.S. never hurt anyone, right?

Cannwin said...

haha! Unreal. I had to convince my husband to marry me. Maybe I should do a series like this for our 10th anniversary. Fun!

Have you ever read Travelin'Oma? She has the funniest break-up with the long distance boyfriend story. It's here

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