Thursday, July 29, 2010

10 days to 10 years {Day 3}

I was in a complete panic.  I sat with my head in my hands as I was told by my director that my "husband in the play" decided to drop out.  We had less than one month to perform and there was NO way that someone would take on such a huge role in such a small amount of time.  We might have to cancel it.

NO!  I said. 

I was going to beg every guy I knew until someone committed to marrying me on stage.  I would do whatever it took.  Bribe, even.  I was NOT going to miss this opportunity to perform this amazing role and become famous and then be casted on Broadway shortly thereafter.

My friend and fellow cast member Erin and I circled the cafeteria asking every boy that we knew and then some.  No takers.  In fact, we received quite a few shocked and obnoxious comments that this PG blog chooses to conceal.  I think someone even said, "heck, no."  It was appalling.

Finally, flustered and sad, we found ourselves at the ice cream bin, binging on rocky road and mint chocolate chip cones in utter sorrow. 

Suddenly.  Rowdy approached.

He had seen us circling the cafeteria and the desperation in my eyes.  He asked what was wrong and hesitantly we told him the dilemma. 

To my sheer astonishment he said,
"sooooo..if I audition and get the I get to kiss you?"  (according to Rowdy these days he just wanted to get a rise out of me.  success!)

Holy Cow.  How DARE he take this very important part of my professional career and lessen it's value by using mere flirtatious comments.

I said, "HUMPH!" and walked away.  A bit rudely.  I sadly admit.

That was the end of his and my totally platonic relationship, I thought for sure.  He definitely got the hint now.

Until I saw him that night at the audition.  AUDITIONING.

He was terrible.  With a teasing haha you can't tell me to back off because I am in control of this relationship sort of way.

He got the part. 

I marched into my directors office and demanded that he be replaced by someone else.  Someone who wasn't doing this just to flirt with me.  I was a professional!  But there was no one else even slightly qualified and/or willing and she had faith in him.  What was that supposed to mean? I needed to help him with his part, she said.

Still angry, I walked into my friends room and lamented about this way-too-confident guy once again.

Then she said something that I will never forget.

"For a guy you don't like, you sure talk about him a lot."

to be continued...

(A sidenote in Rowdy's remembrance:  He said that once he realized how hard this was going to be he talked with the director..who explained how hard this was going to be.  He wrote in his journal, '"Is this really worth it for a girl?  She doesn't even act like she likes me?"  But while he was sitting in her office he felt really strongly that he should.)


Annette W. said...


Unknown said...

I am loving this!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Hehe. Funny. I have to laugh at your attitude towards him. I think its a unknown secret that when I girl likes a boy but doesn't know it, she gets her feathers easily ruffled.

But can I just say how impressed I am that he was so persistent?

heather said...

The way you are stretching this out it killing me!

Pasion Family said...

Love it- Keep it going!

Braden Bell said...

I love this story! How cool. I didn't know you had a theatre background. Of course the fact that you met during this particular play does give me a bit of concern :) Let's just hope it turns out better in real life.

Seriously though, it is very impressive that you got the role of Nora!

Sara said...

I have to say, I am enjoying this immensely. I look forward to reading your blog every day.

Melinda said...

You can't say "To be continued" there! Really? :-) This is SUCH a great idea! LOVING it!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

This so sounds like a rom/com! Have you written a script yet???

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