Sunday, August 1, 2010

10 days to 10 years {Day 6}

It was the last night of the play.  I went on...comfortable in my role and confident that what we had accomplished as a cast was success.  It was also Valentine's Day.  Oddly enough, I left my husband in the end. The end of the play, of course. 


You haven't read the actual play mentioned at the beginning of our love story from day #2?  Nora leaves Torvald (hense, I leave Rowdy) because she doesn't know who she is.  She has been played and dressed up like a doll by first her father and then her husband. 

So she left. 

Happy Valentine's Day.  Uhm... Ya.

So obviously, due to the play and the ending of the play and the fatigue from being in the play, Rowdy decided to gift me with his love on a different day.

I was kidnapped.  Picked up and taken blindfolded by a group of giggling girls and a boy (who coincidentally told me that if things didn't work out with Rowdy I should let him know.)  I was driven to a distant location with unknown twists and turns.  Literally tortured with school-girl fear.  Who were these kidnappers that I knew by voice?  Where were they taking me?  Why did they insist on having Kenny G on as the background music? Did this have anything to do with that rumor I spread about my friend consuming an entire box of chocolates by herself in one night?  What was going on?

The leaves crackled and crunched and the night air was cold.  I felt myself tripping and falling with every step...being led to my ultimate demise, I was sure.

Then I heard music.  Simple guitar melodies that rushed warmth to my face.  I could smell the smoke and at the same time hear the sound of cold stone beneath my feet and a water slide near by.  I could feel the fire crackling and cheeks burning before my veil was lifted.  He was there.  He had me kidnapped for him.

There he stood with another couple who were also dating.  Next to the fire were chairs and blankets and oreos and McDonald's fries.  The perfect rendezvous.

I suffered a different type of death than expected.  An out of body experience, in fact.  Falling into love-choked spasms.  Did I mention I am dramatic?

He wrote me a song.  The first one.  I still know the chorus by heart...although writing the words down will hardly do it justice so I will instead just let your imaginations run wild.  That's a bit more fun, anyway.  Let it be known that it was catchy, trendy, cool, and an expression of new love in every sense of the word.

Unlike Nora, I stayed.

aren't we just so sultry?

to be continued...

PS.  Today is Rowdy's Birthday! 


Sunshine Promises said...

Just one thing - That costume/dress of yours is one sexy thing. SULTRY personified. That's for sure ;0)

Pasion Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Happy late Birthday Rowdy!!

And nice job on the kidnapping!

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