Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 days to 10 years {Day 8}

The first proposal. 

There was a problem with our relationship.  He wasn't coming back to our school next year and I was. I KNEW I could not do a long distant relationship.  Remember the BYU guy?  Ya.  Still hadn't told him we were over.

I was too flirty.  He was too flirty.  Did I mention we were both flirty? As much as love is love...distance in our case would not be a good thing.

But gee whiz...marriage?  I didn't even want to bring it up.  We knew that it was where we were headed... but just like the conversation in the beginning of our relationship it was going to go one of two ways.  I feared that distance would bring the break-up instead.

My birthday weekend was approaching.  I would be attending our broadcasted General Conference and it was always the perfect time to sort out my thoughts.   
I made a list.  Questions I needed answers to and thoughts that needed prayerful consideration.  I spent those Saturday meetings in spiritual solace--and so grateful for it.  That evening I received my answer. 

I would marry him...whenever that time came.  I would stay with him regardless of distance and time.  Rowdy was the one I wanted...and needed to be with.  However, I knew that at that time marriage scared him more than it scared me (which seemed unbelievable.)  There was too much to sort out in his heart.  But I also knew I should just wait.

Late that night I got a call to come outside for a midnight rendezvous.  I happily obliged, not telling him of my recent personal revelation.  We sat on my quilt while he played his guitar.  The moon was out... beaming silver light on the new Spring blossoms.
Suddenly the music stopped.  He turned to me and in a whispering voice he said, "Marry me."

I pushed him away and  laughed.  "Oh come on," I said. "Be serious."

"No...seriously...marry me."

"Are you kidding?  You don't mean that.  It's April Fool's day, crazy man."

"I do mean it.  Marry me."

"I think you need to go pray about it."

The second proposal

The next day I felt good.  Sure of things. He was at least thinking in the direction of marriage and confident in us.  I knew it would be a long time before that step was actually taken, but our commitment to each other in that moment was all that mattered.

I was studying for a one act play that evening when he called and asked if we could go for a drive.  I told him I didn't have time...but he insisted and said I could study my lines by the river and he would just hang out.

The ground was wet from an early rain so he brought a towel for us to sit on.  We sat on top of the picnic table (feet on the bench) and I immersed myself in my lines.
He suddenly said, "Can you put your lines down?  I wrote you a birthday song."
OH!  How sweet...of course.

He began to play.  An oh-so-cute trendy song.  My favorite lyrics for sure were:

When I kiss your lips
I can taste the ocean
Not that your lips are salty
But that I really like the ocean 

But as the end neared I became confused. The lyrics took a turn...something about a question he wanted to ask?....

Before I knew what was happening he asked me to stand up (we were ON TOP of the picnic table, remember). He shakily handed me his guitar to hold and then on one bended knee he said, 

"Carrie.  I love you.  Will you marry me?"


I guess he had prayed about it.


  (the very bench-at a different time of year because one day I realized that I would want a picture of it)

to be continued...

( I found out years later that after the 1st proposal Rowdy spent hours out in his jeep with his friend Jason Hong who spent hours trying to convince him not to marry me.  I could have slugged him when I found that out.  After I did just that, Jason said, "Well, he had to be absolutely sure...so SOMEBODY had to be the opposition."  Thanks, Jason.)


Braden Bell said...

I love those lyrics! Actually, Jason might be your best friend!

Jenna said...

I love where this story is headed. See what happens when I don't check on my blogger dashboard? I get to catch up on this awesomeness!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Awww.... I think the whole thing is rather sweet!

I would have slugged Jason too. Especially since his name is Jason.

I have issues and history with that name, Just sayin'. :D

Hong Jr. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hong Jr. said...

I like Braden, Serene your actions don't reflect your name. So allow me to explain myself. Jason, which is me, with the Strouds and Julie took a little trip to Florida for spring break. While we were there all Jason heard was constant fighting and yelling from the now loving couple. I think there were a few times one of them had walked off in a furry, leaving me to talk to the other one, and trying to explain that life isn't that bad. In reality I was making sure the 14hr trip back to VA would be tolerable. Little did I know that my chinese magic worked too well and let's just say I had to drive all 14hrs way back to school with the Strouds together in the back seat, they were g on the verge to pg back there. So the next week Aaron told me that he was planing on proposing. This was general conference weekend, and during the entire priesthood session he kept telling me, "I think I'm going to do it." So that night we drove around for a while, meanwhile I was supposed to go "hang out" with a girl. So being a little upset and having just lived with the couple for a week, I wanted to make sure that Aaron knew what he was doing. I knew that Carrie was the one for Aaron, because I knew that they could over come trials together, forgive each other quickly, and most importantly laugh together. To me that was love. I just wanted to make sure he knew that too. You guys are great, and I'm happy to be part of your lives.


Carrie said...

oh good gosh, Jason. You are too much. And we totally made out on the way to Florida and not just on the way back. fight/make-out in the back seat was about 50/50 both ways.

don't worry--you will always be our bbf.

Carrie said...

wait. bff. does bbf mean something good? if so, that will work too.

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