Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pamper Mom Baby Shower

First off-- please excuse the horrible pictures.  It was at night and the lights were dim with candles and I am a natural light photographer which means I need natural light to get the job done.  Natural light is only during the day, btw.

Second-- I threw a baby shower that was all about the MOM.  It was her 3rd babe and she is due in a few days, so I thought it appropriate to give her a bit of relaxation.  The bonus is that all the guests got it, too. 

Side note:  I threw this together in like, 4 days.  So be kind.

Menu:  Chocolate Fondue with marshmallows, large pretzel sticks, cinnamon gummy bears, strawberries, oranges, and pound cake. Martinelli's for the drink. 

Activity:  Facials.  Not just any facials.  MY facials.  The ones where you only use natural ingredients from your cabinets and wake up the next morning to call and worship me over the phone because your face feels freak'n amazing.   

I tied sprigs of lavender on the napkins.

I had a "make your own facial" bar.  I listed ingredients, what they do for your skin, and possible combinations for scrubs/masks.

I grabbed a bunch of books from my shelves that represented anything to go with my theme.  I thought it might be fun for the girls to browse through while their face mask was drying.  Favorites were "Don't sweat the small stuff" and "The coconut oil miracle"-- which every person in the world should read. 
I used my canvas print of a picture I took in Hawaii-where the colors for the evening are reflected.

Some of the ingredients:  oats, brown sugar, oil, honey, yogurt

The mom to be received "pampering" gifts for her and her baby and a hand massage by a massage therapist who happened to be a guest/friend. 

It was really fun.

I expect to get a zillion worshiping phone calls tomorrow morning after all guests feel their face.

And because I love you all so very much....

Here's a step by step guide to doing my facials.

Carrie's Famous Facial 
(Do this 1x a week. Sunday nights are my favorite.)

Step 1) Wash face. Use my tried and true combo's below.
Step 2) Steam face to open the pores. Make a small pot of boiling water, set it on the table, add some chamomile tea or lavender, turn on some music, and put a towel over your head. Breathe in and out of your mouth only (apply lip balm beforehand if needed). Stay here completely covered (it will be hot) for 10 minutes.
Step 3) Pop any pimples only now if needed because this is when your pores are completely open.
Step 4) Put an a face mask. Yogurt works great!! I used to do just the yogurt nightly.
Step 5) Wipe off mask and rinse face with hot water.
Step 6) Get an ice cube and rub all over face until melted to close those pores.
Step 7) Moisturize and go to bed! I use unrefined organic coconut oil. 

Homemade Scrubs: (add together to make a tablespoon. It'll be grainy, but you'll mix on your face with water)
Olive oil, Sea Salt
Baking soda, Water
Brown Sugar, Olive Oil, Honey
White Sugar, Lemon zest, Olive Oil

Homemade Masks: (mix until a creamy consistency.  wear until dry approx. 15 minutes)
Mashed Banana, Rolled Oats, Yogurt, Honey
Ground Oats, Lemon Juice, Yogurt
Yogurt, Strawberries
Brown Sugar, Strawberries
Oats, Honey, Olive Oil

What these ingredients do for your skin!
Olive oil – heals, nourishes, great source of vitamin E
Yogurt – softens the skin
Honey - kills germs and reduces inflammation
Bananas - rich in Vitamin A to help reduce puffiness and redness
Sea Salt – improves micro-circulation and removes dead skin cells
Baking Soda – exfoliates and clean pores
Strawberries - helps with oily skin
Oats – exfoliates, heals dry itchy skin, helps soften
Lemon – tighten pours, acts as an astringent
Coconut Oil – moisturizes, prevents and reduces wrinkles, protects against sun

So go pamper yourself!
And then I give you permission to worship me.
Chocolate is always accepted as a gift.
I mean, you ARE going to want to give me a gift.
I'm not kidding.
Ask all of Rowdy's guy friends.
They would call me the next day and be like, "Oh my gosh, Carrie!  My face feels amazing.  It's totally glowing!"
And I would be like.
Told you.
And boys...
you know who you are.


Melinda said...

Um . . . can you come to California and throw me a baby shower? I think my face gets hit the WORST during pregnancy. Which is bad, cuz if you haven't got your face during pregnancy, what have you got, right? Last time around, I went to a Mary Kay party with one of my friends. She had soaked washclothes in lavendar water and had us put them over our faces and just relax for a while after we had used the Mary Kay cleaners. And it felt amazing! And Dave commented that night that he was willing to invest in all things Mary Kay because my face looked so much younger. But I think it might have just been the lavendar . . . that or pregnancy is harder on my skin than I thought (and with two toddlers running around, who has time to pamper themselves like THIS?). You're awesome! So how in all of this did you get a huge cut in your forehead? Or maybe that was before?

Charlotte said...

This sounds divine. I am keeping this for my next girls night out. Something I think I need to do soon...

Angie said...

Hi Carrie--I found your blog. :) Thanks so much for the party last night. My face does feel amazing! I am planning on doing facials for my two girlfriends that missed out last night and for my mom and sisters next time we get together. In short, it was a great party, really fun, and beautifully organized even with the short prep time! Thanks so much!

Kristie said...

looks dazzlingly tranquil (if that's possible.) I hope you are duly appreciated and adored.

Stef said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Now, if you only lived closer....

Liz said...

You are amazing. I'm sending this post out to friends. So fun! Thanks for sharing it - plus the recipes for scrubs.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

ooh, this is some awesome good stuff!

Kathleen said...

Hi, good stuff here. I'm a newbie reader of yours, but will be back!

Sarah Larsen said...

It turned out SO gorgeous! I can't wait to try your recipes! You're the bomb.

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

I love your parties! So creative and celebratory of the simple good things of life! Loved the lavender touch on the napkins. And what a great idea for a baby shower!

NatureGirl said...

LOVELY! I think I wanna do this for my girlfriend's birthday. Thanks for the ideas...I am hitting "follow" right now! You are adorable!

Sofia said...

Oh honey, your photos are not horrible, they are terrific! And I'm happy for your baby shower! How was it? I know it's as fabulous as you are! Well, I've just had a baby shower few weeks ago. And I'm expecting a baby girl by next month. My husband already arranged the bills and all by going to his office in Missouri and got his payday loan. Wish us luck on my labor!

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