Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dreams + Books

Well, my peeps, I think I have fully recovered from the baby shower and now it is back to real life without dreams of vintage milk bottle caps and crepe paper streamers.  I wish I was joking about the dreams...seriously!  Isn't that funny?  But that's when I know my party plan is good or will work...when I wake up at 2am with an idea. 

I've decided to take bids now on who will throw me one when I have another babe.(No, that is not an announcement.) But you can never have too much preparation.  Can I get any takers? Heehee.

I've been missing reading a good book.  I honestly have not picked up anything other than parenting books in a good while, and I am ready for some serious me + mind time.  I would love any suggestions!  Perhaps something super exotic and steamy.  I kid...I kid! Maybe. ;)


PS. I'm waiting for an invite from pinterest. exclusively exciting!

PPS. I wish I knew the main source that the above picture came from, but I love a few things about it. 1)Ladder. I've always dreamt of having a library so tall I would need a ladder. 2)Small bookshelf spaces.  Sometimes small books look so disproportionate and I love how sweet they look here. 3) The long green velvet drapes.  Gorgeous.  Me likey.


Wendy said...

My Grandma said that a library is a critical room to any home. It is the best way to decorate she said.

I would be nervous to give the party queen organizer a party.....I'm just not as creative or resourceful.

Vanessa said...

Lets see... books, books, books. Oh here is a god one. "A very hungry caterpillar" or "10 little lady bugs". Oh you mean like an adult book? Yeah I would not have a clue about it. I am not even sure they exist anymore... Good luck. I love that library photo.

Meggan said...

I just finished 'These is my words'by Nancy Turner. Excellent book. I've also started reading Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear. My Aunts highly recommended them and I take their word:)

Kasey said...

Heaven is for Real is a great book!

Pitterle Postings said...

I have a library. My husband built it for me when we added on. I love books and can never get enough of them. It is hard these days to find time for work, blogging, and reading.

Mo said...

Have you read The Help? I would start with that if you haven't already.

Also- Belong To Me by Marisa De Los Santos

Memory Keepers Daughter (forgot the author)

And I just started reading The Secret Life of Bees, even though I saw the movie a couple years ago, I still can't put the book down.

(And I seriously LOVED all of these books. I'm sure you would too).

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