Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What a night out on the town

Once upon a time Rowdy wasn't feeling great but had to go to an appointment in Seattle, so I said I would take him so that he didn't have to drive. The kids and I would just kick it while we waited for an hour and then maybe we could all go out afterwords for a fun family night.  What happened next is nothing short of awesome-ness. And I say that with the utmost sincere sarcasm.  

I would also like to take the time to recognize my superior strength in writing this down, considering the fact that I am already getting heart palpitations at the thought. 


4:30PM -  We head out on a short 20 minute jaunt into the city.  Even during rush hour, it goes smoothly with my rad driving schools and the oh-so-lovely commuter lane. 

4:40 -  I ask Rowdy if he knows the exit considering that he's gone there before and he says "Sure! You just go to Olive Way, but I'll put it in the GPS anyway."

4:45 - "Re-calculating route" the GPS comments before I get to that exit. Rowdy then asks why the heck I'm not watching the GPS and then I say why the heck would I have to so soon because we are not even close to that exit.  Rowdy then comments about how he is going to be late and he was late last time and he cannot be late this time because being late looks bad.  I swear on my rad driving skills that he will not be late and that I will get him there on time.

4:48 -  Another 5 miles to go after re-calculation via GPS.  In downtown Seattle during rush hour.  Not good.  Small moment of panic. Cue kids fighting. 

4:51 - I ask Aaron if he is sure that the address he typed into the GPS is correct because he originally said Olive Way--and we are now going South in the opposite direction.  He said yes he was sure and he doesn't remember exactly because we all know that he is awful with directions.

4:52 - My gut feeling tells me that we're going the wrong way.

4:55 - Destination on the left.  WRONG address.  WRONG part of town.  WRONG period.  I sat dumbfounded at the blame game which resulted in our decision to toss our 3 year old GPS out the window.  After we use it to get home, of course.

5:00 - Welp, not going to make it to his appointment.  I keep my cool.  Let's go out to eat.

5:01 - Where do you want to go?  Rowdy then brings out his laptop and starts searching for places on Yelp and I begin our drive back to downtown Seattle in traffic.

5:10 - We resolve to get some lumpia at this awesome truck in Capitol Hill and then we will also get some Thai.  Four 1/2 stars for both locations on Yelp, which is the eating-out Bible.

5:20 - Lumpia shack looks closed.  So we head over to the Thai place after entering the address into the GPS and it is only opened for lunch.  Internet access was good though, so we stayed parked for a few minutes trying to find another place to eat.

5:25 - Well, wanting cheap and kid friendly...there is a sandwich shop.  Rowdy doesn't want a sandwich, but with good reviews and my hunger I say let's go for it.  

5:37 - I find a parking lot while Rowdy and Brianna go into the shop to see if we will like it.

5:40 - He comes back saying we won't (although my hunch tells me he just didn't want a sandwich.)

5:43 - Internet access is good again, so we stay in the car trying to locate another place to eat.  We just want to hit and run at this point.  I choose a Cuban place in Fremont about 15 minutes away, but Rowdy doesn't want to drive there when he is sure that there are perfectly decent places within 5 minutes.  I'm irritable.

5:55 - Rowdy wants to go by the lumpia truck again to see if it is open now, so we do.  We see the door cracked open a bit and he runs up and asks the guy when it will be open.  We are told 45 minutes.  We decide that it will give us enough time to drive to China Town to the other Thai restaurant we wanted to try.

6:10 - Closed. It is only open at lunch.

6:15 - Since we are already in the International District, we hit our favorite restaurant Kau Kau for some bbq take-out before heading back to the truck.  I fume in the car (love the play on words?) and then we make our drive back to Capitol Hill.

6:35 - Rowdy stands in line to get some lumpia.  It tastes really good, but I suddenly no longer have an appetite. 

7:10 - We get home and I think about how I just love going out to eat. I wonder why we don't do it more often?

Note to self:  When offering to drive Rowdy to an appointment
When going out to eat
When leaving the house
re-read this post. 


Jenny P. said...

This suddenly makes me really glad that the tiny town where I live has so few restaurants, we can name them all in five minutes, we know where they are all located, and we also know what's on their menus.

A night like that would have pushed me over the edge too...

Amy said...

Oh my. I hate it when leaving the house doesn't work out and there's lots of frustration and teeth gritting.
It just...stinks.

I'm kinda hungry. A sandwich sounds good.

Charlotte said...

I hate days like that. I hate when the GPS messes up, when I accidentally put the address in wrong, and/or I know I'm going the wrong way but don't turn around.

There is nothing worse than expecting a nice night out and ending with a wish that I'd just stayed home.

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