Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I miss

I miss browsing the aisles of the video store.  Do I want a comedy or drama? Is the new release here or do I go for a golden oldie?  Now it's just a click on a computer away/mailbox/video kiosk outside of Walgreen's.  It doesn't feel the same.

I miss phones with cords.  Wrapping my finger around the coil over and over while I gab or groan or schedule life with a friend.  You can only go so far away as you try to accomplish something else because the cord will pull your head back and leave you the worst neck pain ever.

I miss using cash.  Every purchase is just a debit card away. 

I miss going to the thrift store to find retro 70's clothes instead of circa 1995. 

I miss gas that costs 88 cents per gallon--thank you Summer road trips 1998.

I miss TGIF on TV and listening to a video rewind.

I miss hardcover tangible book reading instead of clicking to turn a page.  The smell...the feel of the pages in my hands...

Do you miss anything? Granted...I can still do/have all of the above.  But it's just less and less likely as the years go on.


Jenn said...

I literally miss EVERY one of those things. The video stores! There is a really funny book out there called: It's a Book. http://www.amazon.com/Its-Book-Lane-Smith/dp/1596436069

It's a little offensive and not for kids but the point spot on...I do, however, love my Kindle like nobody's business.

Meggan said...

Those were the days...

I nominated you for the kreativ blogger award. Check it out here:http://3catanzaros.blogspot.com/2012/06/ive-had-this-comment-pending-my-comment.html

Amy said...

Yes. I miss that too. Especially the gas prices. I don't have a tablet/ipad thing but I do have a kindle on my phone. Not ideal for reading, since the pages are smaller, but it's nice to use when I can't sleep in the middle of the night. No lamp needed.
Otherwise, I go for the honest to goodness, ink and paper book.

Susan Anderson said...

I do miss the video store, oddly enough. Not so much the phone cord that was always getting tangled up!

And the gas prices....



likeschocolate said...

I hadn't thought about the phone one in a long time, and strange to think that my children will have no concept of a cord. I haven't given up my books though. I love holding the books in my hand and the smell of the ink.

Alli Blue said...

I miss some of these very same things!

TGIF was what I looked forward too!

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