Thursday, June 21, 2012

Public Speaking & Kristen Stewart

Okay---I really dislike Kristen Stewart as an actress (I don't know her personally so I won't go there).  I really get tired of hearing how she's probably just shy and that explains her awkwardness.  Let's not lie to ourselves anymore, k? If you have been paid more than any actress last year, don't you think you could brush up on your public speaking skills?  

Watching this video cracked me up!  I wonder how successful I would be if I just listened to her advice?

PS>  I just read a Vogue Issue at the hair salon and in her interview every paragraph had her saying the F-bomb in her conversation (she probably said it 5x on one page).  Really?  Is that necessary?


Meggan said...

Lol! I haven't paid any attention to her but now I'm on a google quest to find more skills!

Amy said...

That is hilarious!

likeschocolate said...

Oh my! Thanks for sharing that! Totally made me laugh! I agree with you in that Kristin has been in the business since she was a kid. How can she be so uncomfortable in interviews and public speaking. She drives me crazy! One of these days her gravy train will run out if she doesn't learn how to be a better actress. Miley Cyress also drives me crazy. She was in the movie the Last Song which was a really good book, but kind of ruined the movie. I hate the way she talks so whiney and nasely then scrunches up her nose. If you are going to be in box office movies you better learn how to act. No longer Disney baby.

Alli Blue said...

Is it sad that it took me a minute....or 4 to realize that wasn't K Stew? ;)

And that actress had more facial expressions than her too! I'm sure it's hard to "act" that way!

It saddened me somewhat when I heard she was the highest paid actress. {But don't get me started on how much actors/actresses get paid....and civil servants don't!!!}

Cute post! Whatevs~

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