Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We are a fun family and a colorful 5k

Sometimes fun families do fun things like run totally rad 5k's.  Or walk part of them because you have a 7 year old for gosh sakes.  Or whatever.

The Color Me Rad 5K Run was just such an event for us. 

Also, my kids came home from school saying that no one knew what the word RAD meant.  WHAT??? 

We are the cool colorful family in these photos in case you were wondering....

 It was so dang fun.  


Deep Thought:

Sometimes, when you are awfully low, and your dog feels like nothing but a burden...your friend can say something like, "I hate your dog"...and your heart will swell with gratitude for her. 

You see, a friend that can hate your dog with you is a friend for life.  

1 comment:

Susan Anderson said...

Looks like a great and colorful time was had by all!


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