Friday, August 17, 2007


on the tree top. when the wind blows the cradle will rock.

that's enough..the rest is just too horrific.

It's 12:48am and I can't sleep. I am desperately tired. I have the sleepy headache, the painful squintee eyes, the heavy body that just wants to be put down already. And here I sit, reading friends blogs and friends of the friends blogs even though I already read the friends of the friends blogs this afternoon. Perhaps though, somebody has written something incredibly important this very night and I MUST stay awake to read it! Instead, I find the same entries that were there LAST Thursday. You people are pathetic. Don't you know I am awake right now because of YOU? The hope, the possibility of the unknown finally revealing itself, the idea that your blog just might speak to me in this dark hour is too much of a burden to bare!! I go to my rest now, although it is no rest at all. In the words of my beloved daughter, "You have hurt my heart!"


Candi said...

You can always check out my blog, I post pretty much everyday! I too check out anyone's blog in the wee hours of the morning and hate when there is nothing new! By the way, I'm Candi (Todd) Welch, we met when ya'll lived here (I attended your wedding reception actually!). I've known the Stroud family my entire life! Anyway, good luck on your next blog search.

Carmella said...

You can always call me! I am usually awake because I don't sleep well either. I sleep better when Dade is in the house. Over the years, it has been decided by ME that I don't sleep unless there is noise around. It was all that growing up with boys running around screaming. I remember the great naps that I would take on Thursday's when mom would have the boys Cub Scouts at the house. I would come home and hit the bed only on Thursday's but I remember it being a great nap!!! Oh to the days of youth! :D)

Sarah said...

OK - so I have come to your blog and read this particular post 3 times now. I think that the heart-hurting around here is mutual :)

Agnes Minerva said...

It's alright; you got me back, seeing as how I now have that horrible "lullaby" at the beginning of your post stuck in my head. :P

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