Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We're so tickled we pickled!


washing (and then eating)

Last Saturday we stopped at the farmers market for some veggies and came upon a cucumber pickle bin and some fresh dill. There was a guy from the midwest who grew up on a farm (loved him already) who gave us his pickling recipe. Then, to top it off he went out to his car and brought us a jar of pickles that he made last year (there is no better person on earth than one that has a stash of last years' pickles in his car for the giving:) We tried them..fabulous...and then went home to pickle our box of perfectly picked pickling (say it 5x fast) cucumbers ourselves. We had a bit of trouble with some lids sealing, but I think that in 6 months you should all expect the "perfectly pickled pickles" from the Stroud's.


Sarah said...

I can't wait to eat pickles :)

Hillybug said...

Sounds fun, let me know how it goes, and maybe bring a jar when you come :)

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