Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Last night Brianna lost her first tooth. Very Exciting. Today is her Birthday which made it even more special. However, because today it is her birthday, the toothfairy just happened to forget about putting money under her pillow because *I think* she was making a cake until 1am. Just a hunch.
This morning Brianna woke up at 6am asking why the tooth fairy hadn't come. In my sleep deprived state I said, "Well, I bet the tooth fairy ran out of gas!"
"But she has wings!?"
"Ya..but she flies to so many houses that sometimes she gets tired. So, she uses a tooth car some nights. Only I bet in the rush she forgot to refill her gas tank like mommy does sometimes."
"Oh ya! You're right!"
" go back to bed and I'm sure she'll get here soon."
The next 5 minutes were a whirlwind of searching my purse for money, finding my scrapbook supplies, and somehow stealing the tooth and replacing it with a tooth shaped note and money instead:) (Aaron said $1 wasn't enough due to inflation, but I said "do you know how many teeth she has and do you want to have a retirement plan?")

and the day begins....


Tara and Jon said...

Yay for Brianna! So exciting! My dad tells his grandkids (Adalyn's a bit young still) that if the tooth fairy leaves less than $5 that they shouldn't accept it. They should leave it under their pillow with a note demanding more! Adalyn will probably be lucky if she gets a dollar from us, I mean, the tooth fairy!

Just the Three of Us said...

This story will forever be told by you Aaron and Brianna...lets just hope she doesn't try explaining it to her friends. Did you get a picture of your cake? I would love to see how it turned out.

Hillybug said...

Blythe is waiting on her first tooth as well and she keeps trying to convince that one is loose at any given time, but they are all still locked in there pretty good,so it could be a while!

Witbeck Family said...

Hi Carrie. Erik was going through some old emails and we found your blog. It's been great to catch up on what you all have been doing since we last saw you. Brianna and Kai are so big I can hardly believe it's them! We also have a blog
You can check out the new addition to the fam on there. Talk to you later.

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