Friday, May 23, 2008

The perfect day

What makes one day perfect? If you had a day to remember, or to create, what would it be like? I have often lamented about the woes of days gone bad, or how some start out perfect and end far from how I expected it. I go to bed wishing that tomorrow would be better. One perfect day to get me through all the rest. Perhaps though, my wishing is giving me the wrong idea. Perhaps, I should simply focus on living the perfect day instead.

This morning I woke up tired as usual since both of my kids somehow ended up in my bed; making for less than desirable sleeping situations. At 3 in the morning with Kai crying and Brianna waking up as hardly felt like the perfect day was just on the horizon. And yet, right now, I feel it is.

Aaron jostled Brianna awake super early to go fishing with him for her day off of school. Just the anticipation made her happy, not to mention the idea of eating out for breakfast as well. They dressed warmly, knowing they would be fishing in the rain, but who cares when there are fish to be caught? I got a call about an hour after they had left saying that a gas station had been bought for a day by a church--and was offering gas for 50 cents less than the going rate. Hubby was ecstatic, of course! The massive lines he had to wait in only made the anticipation more exciting, I think.

And then Kai and I decided to lay in bed. He's got a bit of a fever, so snuggling was the only option this morning. I worked in between watching some movies (3 so far and it's only 11am), made peanut butter balls, read a few chapters from the last of the Twilight Series, and listened to my favorite music on my pandora stations.

So far...perfect. I think I'll keep it up.

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Cortney said...

Sounds pretty good to me! :) I'm glad you had a nice day--you deserve it! And one more thing... why didn't you tell me about the cheap gas?!!??! Sorry to miss that...

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