Thursday, August 6, 2009

dear anthropologie

anthropologie 003
Thanks for sending me your fall 2009 issue. The fact that it's shoot location was in Paris, MY PARIS, only accentuates my insanity and lust for that city.

Really? Truly? Did you HAVE to get a shot with the Eiffel Tower? And a gorgeously dressed happy family in front of it? You. Are. So. Cruel.

anthropologie 002
I appreciate your need to show homes with green walls, which I adore, and cool pillows, which I adore. And I'm really really not going to mention your shoes. My only consolation is that they would look horrible on MY feet.

The fact that the home is aesthetically mid-century only emphasizes the fact that my house is not. And that my decor will never ever be this cool. So thank you for that.
anthropologie 001

I mean, I appreciate the reminder of what I don't have and the "cool girl" that I only aspire to be. I really do. But seriously, could we be any less considerate of my feelings, dear anthroplogie?
I think not.


Rachel said...

Oh, I miss that catalog! I'm off to go request it now ... it's good inspiration and AWESOME collage material! ;)

Erin said...

okay, i am cracking up right now from the fact that i got mine a couple of days ago and wanted more than anything in the world to show it to you. i love that you got one too!! Vive la France. You will get there, I promise

lapierrefamily said...

I love that store! To expensive for me but i still love it! Is it sad that i look at your house and think how cool you are and that my house isnt like that? :)

Mo said...

love it. they don't have one in my local mall and i miss it terribly.

Mary Seals said...

Whatever. As if you need that place to be all hip and trendy.

Warner's said...

This is funny that I read this after my week. I have been on their site a lot lately and I'm making a trip there today to find some fun hardware and kitchen items (maybe). I fell in love with this store the day I found myself with my new to be husband wandering around the Gateway in Utah. We walked in and I couldn't stop gushing over the fun decor. One day...okay probably not...I am going to own one.

Amber Lynae said...

I love this post, I love Paris, I long to be there... always.

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