Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lesson learned: Listen to the still small voice because your sleep depends on it.

Yesterday I found the down comforter that we had wanted at 55% off. YAY! It was some serious quality, and so it required a serious investment. Sooooo worth it to me because my bed is important. Sleep is important. Snuggling up to my man and reading a book with comfiness all around me is important.

Our old one had some feathers in it, which Rowdy couldn't stand because they poke through so he prefers only down (more costly), it hardly had any fluff left, and we suddenly realized a few months ago that it is a Queen when our bed is a King. No wonder the constant cover fight was on!

Hense came the serious search for a new one. A really good one. And alas! My search was over.

And so, with happiness in my heart, I placed my glorious down comforter inside my duvet cover, fluffed it up on my bed, ran my hand over such smooth softness, and smiled...anticipating my sleep that was to come.

11:30am - Went to bed in heavenly slumber. Aaron said it reminded him of our favorite hotel in Portland. I concurred.

12:45am - Kai came in saying he had gone #2 in his pull-up which had never happened before, so I took him to the bathroom and we put a new one on him. He refused to go back into his bed and wanted to come into ours. He usually ends up there around 4am anyway, so I just went with it and let him. There was certainly enough comfort to share:)

12:52am - I had a bad feeling. About my down comforter. That it wasn't safe. Seriously.

12:53am - I ignored that feeling. Even though it puzzled me. Even though I really knew I shouldn't ignore it.

1:28am- A dreadful gurgling sound. Throw-up on my shirt. On Kai's body. On MY BED. EVERYWHERE.

1:28.00005 am - Scream.

That's all I really have to say.

Listen, my friends.

Update: It just got worse. I opened up the washer from our first load of sheets/clothes to wash and found a pull-up inside that load. Yes. A washed pull-up.

Heaven help me!


Evelyn Perkins said...

Is it okay that this made me laugh? I mean I feel for you and all, but so funny! If you didn't laugh you'd cry, right?

iamwoman said...

oh, i did cry. i DID cry:( But ya, it's okay that you laughed!

Pasion Family said...

Oh my ever so goodness!!! How did you deal with that- I panic when something like that happens. I guess we get through it. My biggest thing is I hope no stains hit that comforter.

Kristie and Ryan said...

I am cracking up!! Holy Crap! And, I mean that.
you poor, poor thing!
oh carrie..

Hong Jr. said...

I am not excited to have kids

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I shed a tear for your sweet comforter.

I just washed a used pull-up not too long ago.


Let's cry together.


Jenna said...


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