Friday, April 23, 2010


I can't even handle this.
I want I want I want I want.

My favorite classics. From Anthropology.
In Gorgeous color and texture.

Holy Cow.

Mother's Day? Can anyone say Mother's Day?


McKenna said...

I love that store and wish I could afford to buy pretty much everything in it! So great :D

Evelyn Perkins said...


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I LOVE books! I don't know the store you're talking about, but I ADORE this picture!
I want!!

Bethanne said...

YEAH! Love those. And I LOVE to read. Too much sometimes...

BTW, from your last post...I have worked for the past 5 years. And while it is also ideal (I can do it from home) and we need the money... that means 5 years of being exhausted: 8 pm - midnight every single night. That means no RS, no groups, no baby showers or game nights, no GNO, etc. That means I'm too tired to exercise in the morning, too tired to do a lot of the things I want to do with my kids...Do I feel left out and crappy? You betcha. Am I grateful for my job? Absolutely. I really am grateful I just read your post because just tonight I was thinking about NOT having to work at night. Just juggling my motherhood duties (which is enough) and then enjoying my evenings. And sulking. And procrastinating my reports. Thanks for helping me to remember to appreciate this blessing in my life because that is what it is. A blessing. And one day, I can be JUST a mom; and I look forward to it.

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