Friday, August 13, 2010

I'll admit

*I just ate my 2nd chocolate dipped cone this week. In my defense, they are 80 cents right now. And no. They are never handed to me any better than usual.

*These cucumber-feta toasts look pretty darn good.

*My room is a wreck.  My closet shelves have yet to be fixed from falling a week ago, so every item in that closet is now on my floor.  Being walked on. 
It's unnerving. 
During the day I don't go in there. At night I make sure my lights are out and then jump on the bed and under the covers so that I see nothing. I really don't like a messy room.

*My car is worse.  Only all the time.  I read once that your car is a reflection of your mind.  I'm kinda worried.

*I don't look good without make-up.  Maybe it's because I have no visible eyelashes...but really...I'm just not pretty without that mascara.  Or a current lip wax. (did I just say that out loud?)

*I have only cooked 1x this week.  

*I'm seriously floored at all the attention and blog features my lemon party has received.  HGTV?  That's just nuts.

*I don't like August.  It's just an annoying wrap-the-summer-up-kinda-month.

*I taught my son to say "oh my heck" in place of "oh my G."  I'm now regretting it.  Plus Rowdy is totally annoyed because he's like, "Carrie...why is that a replacement?  who ever even says oh my hell?"  He's got me on that one.  

*For our 10 year anniversary we got ourselves a blender.  It makes me think of that scene in Father of the Bride.  Only we seriously both wanted a blender!  Plus.  BLENDTEC rules!  

*I sometimes wear navy and black together.  I heard this is a major fashion faux pas.  

*I think Nutella is my false idol.  That's why I just walked really really fast past the 2 huge bottles at Costco screaming for me to come salivate over their holiness.

*I don't like television.  But I am obsessed with Arrested Development on instant stream Netflix.  I cannot believe it was only 3 seasons--but apparently it was at a time when TIVO became popular, so ratings during the show's actual time frame were not noted.  And that's a fact.  Heard straight from my husband's friends' cousin's uncle's friend's mama.

*Tonight I'm wondering if popcorn could pass for dinner?

*Missing July.
(via mary ruffle)

*Thinking about another baby.

Happy Weekend!


Cherie said...

I think I am focusing on the food in this post...could it be dinner time?
I have no time for dinner so I am thinking popcorn sounds divine for dinner - I have eaten a whole bag of cheddar popcorn for dinner before!
Nutella on a croissant would do just fine too!
Why does food have to be fattening??

Annette W. said...

Fun post!

I like how you sneaked that last one in.

Tara said...

I love arrested development, we just started watching it on Netflix, I also hate August. Love this post!

Jackie said...

Boo August!

Hey! I just read here! Good news. You CAN wear navy and black!

likeschocolate said...


MommyJ said...

Nutella generally makes me cry with joy. I love it that much. We have to take breaks from buying it because when it's in the house, it's gone in less than 48 hours.

Corley said...

i love nutella. consequently as I read this post...I have a jar open in front of me. That has to be good karma. anyway, hope you are doing good, girl. where are the pictures of you and Aa-ron?

Darren and Brandi said...

Are you really?? How thrilling!

Kristie said...

whoa! you ARE??? do it sister, let's have babies together! besides, pregnancy is so in right now. :)

p.s. I'm totally with you about August. especially August at walmart.

iamwoman said...

noooooo--not preggo now. THINKING.

Rowdy Stroudy said...

Baby, wait a second! Do I have a say in the matter? Man!...and leave my month alone, I love August!

Further, Nutella is OK. Popcorn is a dinner, but only if you eat it hot and while sitting on the couch. Michael Bateman (A.D.) is awesomeness in it's true form.

The closet shelf is not fixed because I didn't have the part and then I 4 papers came due...4 PAPERS DUE!!! Did she mention I am in Grad school?! Also, it is a 400 dollar blender! Oh, and the is not my car, my car is clean. The vehicle in question is the kid's car!

And another thing...maybe...

iamwoman said...

wow Rowdy. Uhm..somebody is a bit defensive, don't you think? ;)
I'd also like to mention that YOUR car, has been dead for the last month (due to my leaving the lights one)--so you have actually been using MY car, which means the mess is just as much your fault.

And leave my nutella alone and I won't tell people your obsession with ramen. (how embarrassing)

Oh I just love this blog comment banter.

It makes people think we don't talk in person;>

ps. you said the baby thing first.

Braden said...

I'm missing July, too!

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