Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Is it horrible to have absolutely nothing to blog about?  My MIL called again..wondering what's up with my lack of blogging.  It's only been a few days. Really, she cracks me up!

Work has been extra extra busy, and I can't seem to get ahead.  I wish it was happy busy.  Like, "sorry I don't have anything to say because I am tanning in the Caribbean right now."  But instead it is just life-busy.  You know, the break a sweat until you lay in bed exhausted at the end of the day kind of busy.  

Yet, in these life-busy moments, I have been thinking that I really need to concentrate on having those grateful moments amidst the hard work and chaos. 

*The funny words and interactions that I have with my children.  

*The really good baby potatoes fresh from our garden smothered in olive oil and parsley and sea salt. 

*The anticipated book that arrived in the mail. 

*The smell of chlorine and sweat and wet swimsuits in a pile on the floor.

I want to be grateful for these moments...the small snippets of time that turn a thought between getting the groceries out of the car and a pile of dirty dishes... Caribbean-like in itself.


Pass the virgin Margarita, please.

PS. I'm pretty enamored with the last photo shoot on my photo blog... makes me happy and baby hungry every time I look.


Cherie said...

I think it is funny that your MIL calls to ask about your lack of blogging. I don't think anyone in my family cares that much - Ha ha!!

I agree - It is good to remember to be grateful even when you are so dang busy!! I needed that reminder myself!

Stef said...

What a great post! Life is what it is...and it is at it's best when there are children involved. Thanks for the reminder!

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