Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let the games begin

They had the soccer team pictures taken last week and knowing that Kai would probably look the worst in them, I tried some out for myself while we waited. 

What we got was a model-esque show, baby. 

capri suns and string cheese will be available during the intermission

The Vampire
Note his pale complexion and sharpened teeth.  Ready to bite this fashion soccer world in the neck.

His mental wrestle with the ball is evident by the far-away gaze in his eyes.

The side-stance with lady highlighted in back
Note the charismatic angle in which he portrays the passive-aggressive joy as the game is about to begin.

And for the end...the electrifying mid-twirl, ladies and gentlemen.
A show-stopper for sure.

Thank you for coming...and please exit along the far wall as to avoid getting hit in the head by four-year-old-out-of-control soccer players.


Cherie said...

Those are such cute pictures! I love your funny commentary on each one.
I don't know how you got his hair to stand up like that in the last picture but it is RAD!!!

iamwoman said...

he was spinning in a circle and I didn't even know that his hair did that until I uploaded the pics;)

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