Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Announcements

1.  No, I am not pregnant.

2.  I'm guest posting again today at Or So She Says about my party planning ideas.  Sad news is that one of the leading gals has to call the blog quits.  SO, they need amazing ideas and guest posts from YOU and I can totally get you the hook up on that because they love me so much.  Or, you can just get the hook up on your own since they are asking for help.  Either way. But I like the sound of me having some kind of hook up better;) So you can you do me that favor and be like, "Carrie is the coolest and I was hoping I could be a part of your blog because I KNOW her?" 

3. Rowdy would like to announce that he bought a watch from a guy for 20 bucks and then had it appraised for over $500.  And that he's awesome.

4. You only have 3 days left to sign up for the CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT EXCHANGE.  It's going to be SO MUCH FUN.  There are already a zillion participants and don't you want to be cool like them?

5.  I am no longer allowing myself to eat Chocolate for awhile.  This is going to require an insane amount of self-control on my part considering it is HALLOWEEN and my children have parties/trick-or-treating non-stop.  It's a conspiracy on my hips, I tell ya. 

6.  THESE are the cutest spooky jokes to tell your kiddos EVER.  I printed them out and sent them to school with Brianna to pass out.  I'm officially the coolest mom.  Well, at least during lunch time.  I'll take it!  (Other printable goodies found here)

7. And OH!  I just heard about a blog that is celebrating 30 days of PIE.  I'll definitely be participating in this link up!


Wendy said...

So I did sign up for the ornament exchange but didn't email you yet. I don't know how to make a button sorry. Good luck with the So She Says....

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I love those printables! Thanks!

Stef said...

YOu are the coolest mom! Man. I a m totally going to give those to my kids to tell at our Halloween Carnival.

Amy said...

Ah, I'm not cool enough to guest post.

Great idea on the joke cards, what fun!

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