Monday, January 31, 2011

Questions anyone?

(did you know that Rowdy and I watch movies while we eat gourmet cheese?  we are so ridiculous.  always having to have stilton and grapes and crackers on hand for our sit on the couch pleasure.  but I gotta tell ya, watching Community while biting into creamy brie and fig preserves is mighty fine.  mighty fine.)


This time of year bores me out of my mind...but at the same time I usually take this opportunity to fill up my inspiration binder with new ideas again.  A fresh look at soul-refining creativity for this new year. 
And so, I decided to bring on Question Week where I will seek YOUR advice on YOUR questions, and maybe give a bit of my own inspiration that I have found along the way.  

And so, send your questions to me!  Whether it's just something you are dying to ask me personally (you are, right?), or if it is just a simple idea on how to accomplish something that has been bugging you for the last decade,  I am at your disposal.  And once I have given my answer, I will open it up to YOU, my readers, for your advice as well, because guess what?  I don't know everything;) GASP.  heehee. 

(questions will remain anonymous, btw.  but nothing racy.  you dare-devil, you.) This question thing is extremely literally, any question you have about anything.  

This should be fun!  It will be like a group of girls out on the town, talking about anything and everything over a steaming cup of hot chocolate and high heels. Ahhhhhh..I just love it. 

Send your question to

Ready, set, ask!

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Wendy said...

What a fun idea.

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