Friday, February 11, 2011

The Worst Valentine's Day EVER {Let the stories be told}

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Guess what's coming up?  Valentine's Day!  Did you forget?  I almost did. 
Until the other day when Rowdy said, "Hey...what are we going to do?"
and I said, "Nothing.  It is such a stupid day."
and then Kai said, "Don't say stupid, Mommy!"
and then I said, "Whoops...sorry!"
and then Rowdy said, "Hey...don't I get a say in if we celebrate or not?"
and then I said, "Ouch. Well played."

Ahhhhh.....V-day has such controversy for me.  I like it.  I don't like it.  I love it.  I don't love it. I think I'm okay with it.  I'm not okay with it.  Let's celebrate our love! Let's pretend this day doesn't exist in all it's generic form. See what I mean?

It occurred to me this morning that although I probably will get all mushy with my man because that's just what you do (he did write me a song, after all!), I still have pangs of well...discomfort from past Valentine's Day's gone wrong.  Very wrong.

Ready to hear about one?  Oh, I knew you would be.

It was 8th grade.  One of the most awkward grades in the world because everyone starts hitting puberty...only you hit puberty in 6th grade so you still feel older...and the boys are still obnoxious and the pressure to have a boyfriend is ridiculous...only the boys are hardly boyfriend material and callous and you hate them all (while secretly wishing you were loved by one of them.)

I was wearing baggie jeans and one of my dad's huge blue flannel shirts TUCKED in. I still don't get how that was ever in style.  As befitting for the day, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, began getting calls from the office for "deliveries."  Flowers and balloons and stuffed bears with cheesy hearts and arrows began to overfill the halls and lockers.  It was red and pink mayhem.  I loathed it all.

I knew there would never be a package for me.  I had no one in my life that would send me something like that.  And so I stated very clearly to everyone that I didn't like the day and the stupid behavior of generic love and that I wouldn't be caught dead participating in such commercialism.

Then out of the my eyes struggled to stay awake in history name was called on the intercom to come pick up a delivery in the office.  All eyes were on me in anticipation.  Had I been hiding a lover?  Had I secretly met and married a foreign diplomat?  (Oh wait...8th grade...right...nevermind.) 
As I walked into the office my heart lept when I saw what waited for me.  A HUGE bouquet and balloons...with a card that said...

Your Secret Admirer

I was the buzz in the halls.  No one knew who it could be.  "I" had no idea who it could be.  But believe you me, my heart raced the rest of the day.  Sideways glances, smiles and smirks took over those hallways.  As the last bell rang for the day, we all rushed outside with our Valentine's and waited for our rides home.  I couldn't wait to go home and show my mom my good love fortune.  A huge circle of friends and I spoke rapidly about who my secret love might possibly be. 

I saw our family station wagon pull up to the curb, smiled one last time to my friends,  and raced over with my goods to hop in. 
And then I saw them. 
And then everyone else saw them. 

My other siblings.  All with the SAME large bouquets and balloons stuffed into the car after being picked up from school.  From their secret admirer now to be called MY MOTHER, no doubt.

Snickers.  Glances.  Giggles. 


My mom smiled as I buckled my seat belt-- thrilled at the love she displayed for all her children.

I appreciated her gesture, I did...but I felt such disappointment and embarrassment. 

Ungrateful?  Most definitely. 

But totally in my right to feel annoyed with Valentine's Day after that?  For sure.



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Comment galore, people. 

 Let the love begin!


rosa @ flutterflutter said...

Wow, I have no great stories, but I do remember hating junior/senior high on those days!

ps - I love that picture that you used for this post! Beautiful.

Courtney Wilson said...

Oh dear. For us it was the roses and carnations that would be delivered to our rooms. I NEVER got one!

My worse Valentine's Day would be when my husband got me a full size spare tire to celebrate the blessed event.

He was so proud of himself. That was our FIRST VDay as a married couple.

The best would be last year when he drove me out of the horrendous state of Maine for ever! I hated living there.

Lisalulu said...

In college I was friends with absolutely NO ONE of the opposite sex! On Valentines day I received a beautiful box, a LARGE beautiful gold box all tied up in a large Red ribbon. On the card was written: from your Valentine, Robert (Robert was the very short, older guy/man that cleaned up the cafeteria. And he was in our ward... I felt my face turn red as I opened the beautiful box and saw a dozen long stems. Yes just a dozen STEMS. (seems my roommates brother worked at a florist and they all thought it would be fun to send me STEMS) still, glad they WERE NOT from Robert!

Cherie said...

Oh that is funny and as I was reading the story I could feel your pain! At least you will never do that to your daughter!! She is safe :-D

My worst Valentine's day was my first one married and it was my own fault because we got up on Valentine's day morning and I expected ???? something - candy, card, flowers, etc...right then and there and when it didn't come before we left for work I was heartbroken. I thought he had forgotten and I was so upset I called in sick and was angry all day. Only to find out that he had planned a fabulous evening for us which I had all but ruined with my bad attitude all day. UGH!!!

Live and learn - from then on they have all been fab!

Becky said...

I can only post one!?! Because I'd have a hard time trying to choose between the one where I was in the hospital getting a PICC line or the one where my car broke down and I had to walk the 1.5 miles home from the grocery store with the movie and bottle of cider and my two children (under 5)in an umbrella stroller (in the pouring down rain). We've had migraines, asthma attacks, flus, etc. Sadly, I could go on because in the 15 Valentine's Days my husband and I have been together, something has happened every time. We actually avoid it like the plague now. However, I do think that none of those is as scarring as being mortified as you were! (You really are missed in our ward.)

Camie Rae said...

Hee hee I can't resist.

It was when my husband and I were dating. I was in college, he was working. We lived 5 hours away from each other. I sent him flowers and had him fully convinced that I was at my house. But really, i was making the trek to his house to surprise him. I got into his apartment, went shopping for supplies and went to work. He's a guy, he had a roommate. The place was a STY! So I started cleaning and was working on the dishes and blamo! I was cleaning a glass and had my hand in it when it broke and sliced my hand open. We're talking gushing blood everywhere. So I got in the car and drove to his work. Pretty weak surprise! We spent the night in the emergency room, me getting stitched up. Awesome. Lame. Stupid. Whatever Valentine's day!!!
What's even worse is I spent Valentine's Day two years previously in the ER getting stitched up too...the only time I've ever had to get stitches, both on Valentine's Day.


Kristie said...

ohh, that was just painful to read! but I cracked up at the same time. so funny Carrie! these are the stories of our lives that really shape us, aren't they?

wish I had a life-shaper to share, but my V-days were all just lonely, except the one time that I had a boyfriend, but happened to be in NY (at the empire state building-I am not kidding) on Valentines day, so what was the point? The holiday has certainly improved since I got married. :)

Anonymous said...

My worst Valentines Day was my first one after getting married. While driving to a wedding that fateful day my husband gives me a beautifully wrapped package, white tissue paper and bright red bow. I should have been immediately suspicious because he is gift wrap challenged. I was so excited that he had remembered it was Valentines Day because of the wedding we had to attend. So I quickly opened the gift to find a book titled "How to have good manners;the big book of proper Etiquette". This thing was the size of a large phone book, I was devastated! Not at all what I had expected, I was speechless. My husband seeing my dismay quickly said that his mother had ordered the book especially for me and how thoughtful a gift it was!

Liz said...

Carrie, I wish I had seen this! Such a great idea. I've been way busy. Anyways, my worst experience was my first Valentine's Day married. My husband had undergone major preparations to make it a special day (including memorizing a poem!), and I shaved my legs and painted my toenails.
Well, my husband was so disappointed that I had not bought gifts and done thoughtful things, that he cried!
Yes, that was definitely the worst. Valentine's Day has always been bad for us though. We had a huge fight this year even - well, I think we fight every year. It's strange. This year we fought over what to wear to a Valentine's Day Dance party our friends had organized. Oh so sad, and so immature. Anyways, fun to read your experience. I laughed out loud. How devastating - but how sweet of your mom!!!

Charlotte said...

My inner middle school self pains for you. Plus, I will remember that some things stopped being cute and fun for my own middle school children. Like parental PDA

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