Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 things and a great photo

This picture just makes me...well...super happy!

*Last chance to get in on my fabulous traveling journal.  I don't have to know you, and you can live in Idaho or next door to me and your input will still be fantastic. 

*If you haven't received an invite to pinterest yet (my link is on my sidebar) you have no idea what you are missing. Let me know and I will invite you quick. It's a free-for-all for amazing inspiration and ideas.  I decided that I don't have to be creative anymore--I can just let others do it for me and steal their ideas.  And I knew I hit it big time when my bows were thrown up there that I made for a gift wrapping guest post last Christmas.  At least that is what I am telling myself;) On the downside, my parties look so boring in comparison to what is out there.  I better step it up.

*I got a new phone.  No, I am not cool enough to i-phone it, but did you know I can text now without pushing ghi just to get i? And no, T-9ing it was not a better option for me because it always threw the wrong word in there.

*I've been a bit obsessed with a new blog called Modern Mormon Men. It's a funny yet inspirational take on a man's perspective on religion and life, inspired by the Mormon Mommy Blog article and responses. There are a fun group of men and select women who contribute and it has really given me a new perspective and frankly, some serious LOL moments!


*Any big plans for Memorial Day Weekend?  We are debating camping, but don't you think it will be super crowded everywhere?  Any Seattle-ites who know of a good hideout?

Happy Tuesday!


Sue said...

I'll have to check out that new blog. Thanks for the tip!


val of the south said...

I'm totally following you in a very stalkerish way on pinterest...I love your boards ;)

Amy said...

Oh Carrie can I do the travel journal???? If you don't already have a Arizonan in there? We're so boring, but I would love to contribute!!
Dang, makes me wish I lived in England so I could write about THAT amazing place instead of the desert. phooey.
Count me in!

Lisa said...

Happy Wednesday, Carrie. I am slightly afraid of pinterest. Not sure I would be able to stay away from my laptop!

Blue Eyes said...
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