Saturday, May 14, 2011

come weekend come

i need a weekend.  desperately.  last weekend I was sick (bleh on mom's day) so I felt a bit cheated. going to work this past week was hard.  by yesterday (friday), i wanted to cry.  dreaming about work is a sure sign of needing a break, don't you think? 

thankfully, my weekend has started and with it

happy weekend!


Amy said...

You DESERVE this!!! Gorgeous photos, looks like you had so much fun. Yes, I agree, when you're dreaming about your job, you need a break!
I've done the same thing.

Sue said...

Your photos are wonderful! I especially loved all those colored rocks.


Amy said...

What beautiful photos! And being sick on Mother's Day is just not fair. Glad you were able to get a break!

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