Friday, July 8, 2011

Pump it Up

Boy I fooled you with that title, didn't I?  No my dears, I am talking about the gas pump.  Which is so utterly annoying.

I often have to remind myself that back in the day we always had to go pay inside and that we did not have the pay-at-the-pump option for our convenience.  However, it just so happens that the cheapest gas station around will only give you that option if you pay in cash.  I never have cash.  Ever.  That's a back in the day situation before debit cards, too. 

How old am I again?  Soon I will be starting to tell my kids that I walked barefoot in the snow to school. 

But the purpose of my rant has little to do with the pay-at-pump option and more of the pre-pay issue.  Because after I have taken the time to walk my lazy self into the store, wait in line, glance at the temptation that IS a snickers bar, and pay a .45 cents charge for not having cash, I am in a pretty rushed state. 

And then I still have to fill up the tank.

Certain gas stations have the cool nozzles that let you click it and leave it so you can do other things.  Like clean out that moldy apple that your child left in her cup holder.  Or  wash the front windshield.   Or unwrap that overpriced snickers bar that you caved and bought.  Really, sky is the limit in those 4 minutes. And when you hear the "click," you simply get up to put the nozzle back and drive away.

But not if you pre-pay at the cheapest gas station.  Oh, no.

It is then that you must choose to become resolute in knowing that your hand will hurt holding that nozzle by minute 3.  And that your snickers bar will probably melt in the leather car seat sun.  And then the worst happens. With just 1 more gallon to slows down because it is then physically impossible to go over that prepaid amount when it is reached.  Because I am definitely going to try to get $45.84 when I only paid for $45.  Really?  You try to push harder to no avail.  Sadly, that simple act of frustration only ends up stopping your progress and you have to push down again as it keeps clicking with your pressure.  You hand is clenched in an undesirable twist and the slowing down becomes even slower. 78...79.....80.......81........82.........  and then,  after stops.  

Finally, then comes the result of something so mentally exhilarating that it actually feels like you have won something spectacular.  Truly, it is a bells and whistles ding ding ding moment. 

I often imagine that Bob Barker has called out my name announcing that I have won a new car.  

Hopefully it will be electric.


Ruth said...

The cheapest place where I live is pay inside with cash too.

Pittman Four said...

You can also add... When I was a kid gass was less than a dollar a gallon....

Amy said...

Oh the days of pumping your gas and then paying. They were nice days. I am sorry about your hand cramp. And melted Snickers. But congratulations! You won gas for your car! And all you had to pay was $45!!!

Sue said...

Now I know why I am willing to pay too much for my gas at the neighborhood station.

Growing older has made me more willing to trade saving money for convenience.


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