Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Out of the mouth of my MIL

ASS (Annette Shippey Stroud)

I was looking back on a family blog when I came upon my one and only entry.  It was a memory I had of when I first joined the Stroud family...and to this day it is the best "welcome to the family" moment ever.  If you know my very outspoken, very blunt, but very religious mother-in-law you will totally appreciate this!

Rating: PG-13


Posted on a family blog July 18th, 2008

I have decided that I need to go to the beginning of my little entry into the
Stroud family... and my mind keeps racing back to the moment when I heard my brand spank'n new Mother-In-Law Annette Stroud swear at the attendant at the airport.

We were racing to the Dulles Airport in Washington DC to get on our flight to Atlanta, Georgia. I had been married to Aaron for 4 1/2 days and we had just driven the long drive from Central PA (from our first reception) and were going back home to GA (to our second reception) on the same flight with his mom and brother. We were unprepared for the size of the airport and were in a race against time. A man at the counter told us that we could check our luggage in at the gate because we were late, so we took the tram to the train to the escalator to the gate.

They were letting the last passengers on, but because we did not check our luggage in earlier, we were told we had to wait for a later flight. Annette took it upon herself to beg the woman at the counter to at least let Aaron and I get on because it was our honeymoon, but the woman at the counter would not budge. Annette begged and pleaded but the attendant finally just said, "No!  I don't care if they are going to a funeral!"

Then my MIL said, "Well, you're just a little B*#/@!" 

My mouth fell open. I was shocked. And proud of my new Mama. And shocked. I couldn't believe that word came out of her mouth. Surprisingly, the attendant still refused to let us on the flight so we were left to wait for a later one. 

Honeymoon or not... I think that show was worth it;)  

Best New Mother-In-Law Story EVER, right? Do YOU have any?


Amy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Right on, Mama. That's funny.

I have always felt like I lucked out with the in-law department. They're the best. I can't think of any stories to top yours though.

Sue said...

I'm sure she dearly loves this story...


Ps. It IS a funny one.

hillybug said...

I love her!

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