Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SOCK it to me

Every Christmas I get super excited because I get socks and I cannot get enough.  Fuzzy, trouser, boot length - you name the kind and I love wearing them. In fact, the bolder the pattern the happier I am.  So, imagine my excitement when I saw THIS.  It's a design your own sock contest!  I totally want to do it...although I really have no graphic design experience.  I mainly only have bow hunting or nunchuck skills. Bummer. But even if I don't take the chance to participate in the ongoing contest, I am really excited to see that the Sock It To Me store is located in Portland which is just a day trip away! 

Hello Stocking Stuffers...don't forget me!


Cherie said...

Oh Carrie - You have hit a button with me because I too am a sock lover!

Have you been to Little Miss Mismatched yet? It is - then hit "Sock Hop" at the top. It is fab!! New York City Fab!! Enjoy!

Sue said...

Thanks for the tip. These socks are amazing!


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