Thursday, December 29, 2011


I saw this last night and smiled somberly as tears ran down my face.  This boy was/is such an inspiration.  He passed away on Christmas day and made this video a week before his death--his family found it after he was gone.  There's just something about his smile...  

And Amy wrote a beautiful post today on her daughter's birthday.  Sweet baby Ella is her angel in heaven...and her words and thoughts on the love she has for her daughter are beautiful and raw and I am a better person for having read them.


likeschocolate said...

WOW! Stories like this bring everything into perspective. We need to cherish those we love because we never know when it will be the last time we see someone.

Jenn said...

I watched those videos last night crying as well. I loved his smirks after certain cards and I loved his outlook on life. It was a great reminder of the life we are given and to cherish every day.

As for your friend's blog: I have blogstalked it a few times and end up blubbering so it was no surprise that I was blubbering this time...but what great, wonderful, fabulous news for them! And so well deserved.

Sue said...

Touching...both the video and your blog friend's birth announcement.

Thanks for sharing.


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