Wednesday, March 7, 2012

interruption and a blonde winner

I am interrupting the last few Dear Aunt Beverly letters to announce that I was NOT the winner.


I signed up for this cake contest thing at our church for the ladies and I wrote (on the sign up sheet, mind you) that I would be the winner.  Even without knowing what kind of cake I was making, I was sure there was no chance that anyone could beat me.  I am full of cake-making confidence, you see. 

The night before the event I decided to bake a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.  It would taste amazing.  Then my chocolate cakes stuck in the pans and fell apart much to my children's delight since they could now get a taste.  I said some unmentionable words, yelled that I was no longer going and that THAT was the answer to my predicament, and then I went to bed defeated.

But I was in it to win it, my dreams said.

So the next morning I woke up at the crack of dawn and made myself a yellow cake with a coconut cream layer, frosted with chocolate ganache and covered it with toasted coconut and crumbled Samoas Girl Scout Cookies.  

To top it if my winning was even in question...I made a super cute bunting banner with some brown and white Japanese masking tape.


That night I carried my cake to set it on the table and initially, I was taken aback at the prettiness of the others.  They actually looked good. And well, unfortunately for me, they tasted pretty dang good as well. But I still had a chance, right?

The voting began and there were, at least, 7 winners for different categories.  I didn't get a single one.

Then I heard "We did make up one more category though...the person whose entire cake was eaten!"

That was mine. I got a cute plant.

At the very end she said to me, "I felt really bad so I knew I had to give you some kind of prize. I forgot to put a number by your cake so no one was able to vote for it."



(seriously though...the cakes that won were delish and pretty and deserved every bit of winning awesomeness!)


And did you know I went blonde?  Holy cake batter.  Another gorgeous picture reminding me that I need eyelashes.


Garden of Egan said...

How is it possible that you didn't win?
Oh ya, dorky lady that forgot the number thingy.
I'd have voted for you!

You're stinking cute too!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Well obviously they figured you would wipe out the competition so "forgot" to put a number by your cake.

Looks totally awesome and yummy.

But you look awesomer.

likeschocolate said...

Love you as a blonde! Sorry you didn't win!

Sue said...

Cute hair.

And I KNOW you woulda won.


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