Tuesday, March 27, 2012

IRONY: Good vs. Evil

I just realized today that on Saturday I will be attending the amazing Broadway Musical Wicked.

And I also realized that it just so happens to be General Conference Weekend 
(a big 'ol religious weekend that happens only 2x a year in my church). 
Only "I" could come up with a plan so fantastic.
 Thank goodness for the replay button, no? 


Amy said...

Oh dear. Wicked versus Conference. Ha!

Well, the play itself is quite wholesome (maybe some of the ideas/back story isn't, but at least it's not shown blatantly on stage.)

I'm going to miss the Saturday second session because of work. Makes me grateful for modern technology to help me catch up!

ellen said...

These days there's ALL kinds of ways to catch Conference. Enjoy Wicked!!

Sue said...

I'm on vacation and will have to watch Saturday's session on DVR. (We get back Saturday night.)


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