Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Portland, Food Carts, and Wicked Donuts

My day-trip to Portland to see Wicked a few weeks ago was about ever-so-much-more than a fantastic musical.  You see, Portland has something year round that is just as magical.  It's called.  Food.

Portland Food Carts are pretty famous so if you have never had the chance to enjoy them you are missing out, my friends.  They are basically a bunch of food trucks stationed in "pods" so it's a one stop food shopping spree.  Like little gourmet restaurants back to back. Since it was breakfast time, my friend Cher and I obviously hit up that scene.

Sandwich on the left is from The Big Egg  (we also had an amazing burrito) and the savory pancake with arugala and biscuit I am eating below is from Miss Kate's Southern Kitchen.

Picking up Voodoo Donuts, of course.

*photos via Cher


Sue said...

YUM! I never realized this about Portland...


Kristie said...

looks awesome. I love Portland. :)
btw, there's a great donut place (not nearly as cool, but definitely yummmmmm.) in Tacoma called paos donuts. gosh, I am so glad it's just far enough away that I can't go daily. because, I would.

miss you so much, it gives me physical pain when I think about it. xoxo

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