Friday, March 13, 2009


I love that word. Gone is the referral to cheesy movies with bad hair from the early 90's and back is the word that I seriously love. I didn't know I loved this word until I heard my friends Jana and Steve say it. Like, all the time. And when they said it, I was suddenly cool and hip because I was just with them when they said it.

Dude. They lived in California once. Obviously. Just cool. And they are also parents in their 30's. And yet, still cool. They yell, ahem, I mean talk firmly to their children to stop doing something by saying, "DUDE, stop that!" Music to my ears, baby.

The word brings me back to that summer in California with my cousin. She said DUDE all the time. I remembered that I loved it then too. Oh Jacko, please tell me you still say it!

I was sitting in the car with Jana after our chic flick movie once (who remember is from California) and I said "So when I was in Cali I went to blablabla....."

and she said "huh? where were you?"

(Hiding my shame) "Uhmm... I meant California. You know...Cali?" I guess I wasn't as cool as I thought I was. I. am. sadly. so. not. native. Thanks for rubbing it in, Jana.

This post is probably just killing my aunt. Because the grammar is horrific. But I just have to accentuate the word DUDE and I cannot do it by using proper English. Sorry.

So I just wanted to say that If I use this wonderful word it is not because I think I am 13 or because I cannot speak properly. I actually AM educated. It is simply a choice I am making. I choose to use this most wonderful word because I just want to, okay? It makes me think of the beach and yummy tacos and cool company.

Dude. You should try it sometime.


Jana Heller said...

i like to use "DUDE" because it grabs my kids attention. i think it is typically a guys word to use but i like it anyway. thanks for the shout out carrie but i am still not quite sure if you are saying that i have poor grammar or that i use this choice word despite my college education. well i am glad that you love "DUDE" as much as i do! miss you!

Carrie said...

I am saying that you are cool and I want to be just like you!

stevelucky said...

dude, i'm glad you thin it's cool because i'm pretty sure i say it WAY too much. i manage a bunch of sales people and i'm trying to be professional and i'll find myself saying, "Dude, you need to really learn how be a closer." i think it may really hurt my credibility, but i guess it helps maintain my street cred.

Rachel said...

"Dude" is definitely the best word to, ahem, "speak firmly" to my children when I'm frustrated with them. I vow to use it more often.

Also? I will always remember the first time I ever heard Robert say it, back when we were dating. I probably hurt his feelings when I laughed out loud. :)

(By the way, have you ever tried to use the "words" in comment word verifications in sentences? You know, those words they make you type after you comment on someone's blog? They're hilarious! For example, thanks to this very post, I will be trying to use the un-word "inetord" in my conversations today. HA!)

Jana Heller said...

i thought that was what you were saying, i just wanted to be sure!

Mel said...

Hey me too! We should hang out. I'll bring food next time!

Mo said...

Dude, I totally didn't even know that there's people out there that don't use the word dude. Maybe I should think about getting out of Orange County sometime in the future...

great post!

J said...

Dude is the greatest word on earth and I am honored that you associate it with me! Also I love your blog about being pinched! That is so creative! I've never seen that before!

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